Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September 9, 2013

You better send me some of those cookies because you know i was there at his farewell in spirit. The deo I have actually works pretty well but I sweat everywhere no matter what. I'm really hoping to see Alan, tomorrow I get to go to the temple!! and maybe it will be his day there also, and as often as we have an investigator that will go to the visitor center we can take them there and its a really good spiritual place for investigators. That's weird we shower upstairs but our room is upstairs. our ward is a very poor ward in mesa so our living space is small but the people we live with, the Shockmans, are an older couple that's retired and hes a genius. kinda a mix of grandpa and Br. Barton but even smarter. he was one of the inventors of microchips that's now in cell phones and all that but since hes retired they don't need a big house. we have stake conference this weekend also I'm glad you enjoyed yours and i will probably be at all of the sessions ha-ha so you don't have it bad at all. I'm worried for the football team but at least they won canyon ridge even tho we won them like 70-0... I got my package thank you so much for everything that's in it and i'm sending those cards out i need to do better.

We have to cook for ourselves so i make a lot of sandwiches and ramen for lunch, today I'm gonna buy some bagels and for breakfast i eat cereal and granola bars and bananas, the people we live with are redoing the kitchen so it makes cooking anything hard. but every night for dinner we get fed by people, members, investigators, nonmembers. i hope there able to fix your back, especially before snowboard season. i like Dr White/Rodrick they do a good job.  Go tell Kaden to write me a dang letter ha-ha I'm glad you like ES, when it gets to be the last month work hard with your group don't fall apart cause that's what a lot of groups do. your the big 16 this year isn't homecoming coming up?? I'm glad you have fun at the motocross fair its one of the coolest things you'll see! you and Kaden go on the zipper?

Your talk was exactly what I'm trying to do as a missionary; serve god with all my heart, might, mind and strength. so maybe you just better come down here and tell me your talk so i can learn from it ;) ha-ha that's to bad about there dog why are they selling it?

That's to bad it didn't go to well with the word of wisdom lesson, we had that same lesson yesterday in our gospel principals class. With coffee i was aware that it was the coffee bean the was the bad part and the tea leaf because energy drinks and whatnot are OK. but our lesson went really well, i'm glad i didn't have to teach on the spot tho ha-ha we had a good turn out for that class couple of our investigators, and i think 3 less actives we are focusing on as well as 3 recently baptized and they all participated. we focused more on the blessing and "treasures" as it says in that lesson we will be blessed with both physically and spiritually and some other stuff more then the commandment because people already knew that part of it. that's fun you had fun at the fair i would die for some fair food! wahoo for BYU I'm glad there starting off good hopefully they can keep it going. I'm glad Kaden gave a good talk, I'm sure he will be the same way as me and after being in the MTC for 4 days think to himself i could have done so much better on my talk and talked about this or this or this ha-ha at least that's what i did. I cant remember the scripture right now but it says "charity is the pure love of Christ" and to me charity is service, and a key to missionary work, because if you don't serve and love the people your serving you wont have the spirit and they wont learn a thing. That's to bad about the Frandsens, they changed it up because I left. ha-ha just kidding. I never realized how much you do at church until yesterday when I went to all the early meetings and what not. so I wanted to thank you for serving and always remember to magnify your calling!

This week was pretty good I'm just getting the hang of things but i am loving it here. we are working with a family of 3 (mom and 2 sons) and are hoping to baptize them this weekend, at least the mom and one son. we are trying to work with the youngest son, he has a bad taste in his mouth because Mormon kids at school (mesa is full of member) treat him bad because hes black and not a member which is horrible in all of our church. we need to include not exclude someone who's different like emery did from the story in Kamri's talk. we have a man named Danny we are working with and wants to be baptized we just want him to understand it better before so he doesn't fall away. and a few other investigators. we need to find more this week tho. one of our big focuses is reactivation, we only have about 50% show up at church every week and we want like 70. so we have lots to do. The members are horrible on referrals tho and that's where we were told to focus on getting them from so I guess we are gonna stop relying on them. make sure if you know any referrals to give them to the missionary's or HQ or anything! Have a wonderful week is it fall time yet?

Love Elder Stevenson  

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