Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September 30, 2013

Yesterday after church on our way home walking we saw a neighbor in the ward outside so went to talk to him and his sewer line had collapsed, so we got to help fix it...! We started by digging down a few feet to find where the problem was coming from and made a trench. once we found it we had to tear the bad pipe out, its an old house so back when they made it instead of using plastic pipe they would use paper coated in tar wrapped over and over. So we had to take all that out pipe where it had collapsed then dig out all the poop/dirt/urine that had leaked out where the break was. It smelled sooo gross and smelled nasty! then we got the new plastic pipe and laid it in and got it all hooked up and working! it was actually kinda fun even tho it was gross. Saturday we did have those 2 baptisms for Danny and Daniel it went well and the spirit was there. after it was over and we were cleaning up everything the relief society ladies showed up in the kitchen to start cooking the dinner for the RS broadcast that night and asked for our help so I spend 2 hours in front of a huge grill cooking 250 pieces of chicken for it burning myself when ever I had to flip one in the middle because the heat was hot! Yesterday in church since it was the fifth Sunday we were asked to take half of the 3rd hour and talk about missionary work. we talked about member missionary work and how important it is and used a lot of stuff from pres Hinckley and PMG and scriptures. also i talked about a easy way to do missionary work, there's a talk by pres Devin Durant of a Texas mission with a talk titled "would you be willing" its really good and you should all read it. Friday night we got to go to part of a football game! i thought i wasn't going to get to see any for 2 years, the brethren have said the days of tracting are over and we need to find new ways of missionary work and to be creative and try new things. our mission pres told us to try things like that just don't break the white handbook rules and be creative. (did i put that in another letter?) anyways it was fun and its good for people to see us just as people sometimes so they know were normal. and a lot of people would say hi elders or introduce us to there friends or whatever so it was good. I already knew this but it finally hit me how realized i have been in this world not only to be able to have religion and the true gospel in my life and know where I'm going and where i came from but also just to have a family and a home and know how to work and be blessed because there's so many people who are just lost, lost in every sense they waste there days just sitting around doing drugs or watching TV or other worldly things that have distracted them so much they have no goal or purpose for anything at all. always be a member missionary and remember who your represent!  

Elder Stevenson


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