Wednesday, October 16, 2013

August 30, 2013

This week has flown by i can't believe its already Friday! We fly out early early Monday morning we have to be checked out at 4:30 so ill give you a wake up call a couple hours later when were all settled in at the airport! Yesterday i was able to go over to the main campus (i told you i was at west right?) and see some friends, Hayden Hastings, Tyler Winegar, Chase Mcwhorter, Tanner Erickson and a couple other kids. Apparently the first football game is against Riverton Utah school so they prob wont win but if they do they might be alright this year.  I got pic with some of them so ill try and send them to you later as well when I have my camera. My testimony grows so much everyday, I love the spirit and how powerful it can be in testifying truths of the gospel unto us. And i love the scriptures and the answers we can find in them when we study faithfully and diligently searching for an answer, we will find our answer.  Its hard to remember what I've told you about the MTC and life here from writing you a letter the other night and the last email and writing in my journal I'm getting all sorts of confused! But Tuesday night we were able to hear from Pres. Anderson and charity and love, it was really good. After it he started shaking peoples hand and he went up my isle but i was to far down the row to reach far enough out to the isle and shake his hand. After the devotion (we had to walk a mile or 2 back to the house) and it was just pouring rain but it felt amazing I thought. The only bad part was we all had our suits so they got wet, but we gave them to the sisters in our district going to Scottsdale as well so they went to a good cause to keep them dry! Last night a few people in our group wanted blessings, I was able to stand in and even though I didn't say the blessing the spirit in the room was still amazing and we could all feel it especially in the circle. my pants are OK to wash right? I'll write more later!


Elder Stevenson

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