Wednesday, January 27, 2016

August 24, 2015

Elder Landon Stevenson is HOME!!!

Aug. 10, 2015

The drive to young from Tonto is a long dirt road both ways. That's great about Peg and about grandpa and grandma! I'd be happy to help out getting them down.

I will be more faithful in praying for Mike. For dinner anything except mushrooms ;) ha anything with homemade rolls sounds good. The package still didn't come, did you sent it to the mission office?

Does school start soon? The young women's thing sounds cool. 

We had another good week, just a quick summary- the Taylor stake presidency which contains the young branch got reorganized so elder Lawrence and Southward, both of whom are general authorities came. Saturday night was good and our mission president spoke too. Inspired men and called of God.
We set a baptism date with Anthony for November 21! It's a ways out but I am excited for him. Had a really good lesson with him on baptism. 
We did a lot of service, raked rocks and did some yard work, replaced a water tank that went out, helped rebuild a truck and some other stuff. 
Had a lesson with John. Had lessons with other nonmembers and less actives. It was a good week! This week I plan to apply all the things I have learned in 2 years into one week. 
Well I love you all. 
I have a testimony of this great work I have had the opportunity to take part in for 2 amazing years, I have come to love the Lord and his gospel. I thank you for all the support, encouragement, letter and love, you have each helped me in a special way. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ established in the latter days in the final dispensation and that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the savior and redeemer of the world and invite all to follow him.

-Elder Stevenson

August 3, 2015

That sounds like a great couple trips! Thanks for all the detail. I would like to hear some of your beefs and bouquets growing up! Haha The Lord knows your trying with the Jensen’s but ultimately the choice is up to them

The new calling sounds like something you will like and it will keep you young as you gets grow older ;) Kaden told me about him and Brady both on the 23rd, oh well. Camping sounds good! And if we go on more than 1 week per date are you paying us?? One of our companionship goals for the week was actually praying more and asking for the HG, funny you mentioned it.

I got a cake, and it was fun to build a fence on Wednesday! I'm glad you had fun at the splash park, enjoy the new presidency!

Monday- we had a good zone activity, nerf war. In the evening we did FHE at the Richens, a la family. They are moving so I hope it's easier to be active in the new place.

Tuesday- we had a 9 appointments planned, but half of them fell through, overall it was still a great day! In the morning we had a lesson with John, we read a talk of President Monson’s with him and he is understanding truth line upon line. We had a lesson with sis Canady, talked about what she can do to quit smoking and get to the temple. We had a lesson with the Wynn’s again on patriarchal blessings and daily study and prayer, they just need to act. We had a lesson with Tom Barkley again (finally) we had dinner with the Lyman’s (branch
president) and he came, we taught the restoration. It went well but his ears are old. He has a good heart and I think will get baptized.
Spent the night at the Haught’s in Gisela.

Wednesday- district meeting in Payson went good. Then we drove to young and did service for the Varker’s, built a fence and it looks good! Then they fed us and we had a lesson. We went to temple prep with JP and Christa, they are all done and now just need interviews! I hope they go within the next couple weeks.

Thursday- we did service for Vada and Sam. It went good, mowed and had a good talk. Then we had a lesson with Anthony and read the Book of Mormon. He needs a little motivation in his life but we are working on him. Had another lesson with sis Haley, she is getting closer to being prepared for temple prep. Then we met a new less active, her name is Jan and our visit with her was very productive, she's got some vices but we are going to get her back and to the temple.

Friday- we had service with the Van Voorst then taught the restoration. It went good. JP had us over for lunch and fed us cake, they invited Anthony so we had a lesson with him too on following the prophet. It started raining and our lesson was outside so it didn't go that great. Had another lesson with pat, we started over and taught her the restoration again. It amazes me how far she has come, of course some of it is her own learning and understanding but the gift of spirit has given her so much, just asking her questions it's amazing to see. Had a few other visits and worked on our weekly planning.

Saturday- finished our wp because we didn't get it done, had a few la visits then went to Haigler and had dinner with the porters and got some referrals. Drove back to tonto and it was an amazing drive! There was a huge rain storm and the dirt road was slick and the Lightning was striking but the scenery was unbelievable.

Sunday- Church was good, had some good testimony’s, we taught Sunday school (gospel doctrines) and that went pretty well. We had dinner with the walls and he turned 80 so we took him some birthday stuff, I got a pink tie, elder Watson got the same tie in orange and I got brother wall the yellow version so we will look pretty good! We had a lesson with John and it was great, read James 2 and talked about faith and works, then talked about the Book of Mormon, I really felt love for him in our lesson.
Michelle cancelled and she probably won't make her date cause she's not progressing toward the 15th. Bummer.
James 2:17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead Love you! Have a good week Elder Stevenson

July 27, 2015

I'm glad your trip went well, get rested up old man ;) how hot was Vegas?

That sounds like a missionary week being so busy! The Waterton park sounds cool, I'm glad you had fun at the reunion even though it didn't sound fun beforehand.

Yeah send me some pics! Teach Lexi how to email pictures too. I'm glad you had fun with your cousins. Good job hiking, are you still running daily?

This week went good again!
Monday- Young- we had dinner with a nonmember Greek man named John. he made us a Greek dinner it was really good, he used to own his own restraint in scottsdale. We had a really good chat with him and the other 2 guys who came too.
Tuesday- Young- we did service again for the VanVoorst. We worked under his trailer then had a good chat about grace and works and how they relate. Then we taught Anthony and talked about the articles of faith, his broken femur is making it hard for him to do anything.. We had a lesson with a lady named Athena, possible potential. Then saw the titus' and showed them mountains to climb and talked about trials. They finally accepted book of Mormons. In evening we had a few la visits, one to a guy named Pete, I think he will reactivate will some help! 
Wednesday- we did service again all morning. Made a garden, it was fun. Then we had a lesson with Pat and talked about patriarchal blessings and church callings. She is excited for both. Then we drove to Tonto basin
Thursday- we had interviews in Scottsdale, they went really good. I love president Sweeney. We had district meeting after then came back. It took most of the day but we had a lesson with John and read 3 Nephi 27. Talked about the qualifications for Christ church. 
Friday- we went to Gisela and had a few good visits. We had dinner with the wynns and had a really really good conversation with them, they have fallen off the wagon the last month or so but are going to be getting back on track. Also had a lesson with Abigail, she is la. Her son buckee came to church and he's 11 and not baptized! We also had a lesson with a lady named Jessica, her husband died a few weeks ago from a heart attack and she is a young mom so we taught the plan of salvation and turns out her mom got baptized a few years ago and her uncles is a member and she lived with his family a while ago! So I am excited to start teaching her. We spent the night at the haughts, they're house was approved for missionaries to use so that was cool.
Saturday- we had a lesson with Michelle, kept it simple and read the Book of Mormon. Then another lesson with a nice couple who aren't interested.. Pin the afternoon we got to go up to pine/ strawberry for a stake Pioneer Day celebration. It was really neat to see so many people I served with! I even found 2 people who we taught and were LA and they are preparing for the temple!! 
Sunday- Elder Watson and I spoke in church. We spoke about the pioneers. I talked about the faith the pioneers had and how it motivated them to move forward. I was suppose to talk for 10 minutes and I was the concluding speaker, the first 2 speakers went under so I spoke for 12 but still didn't fill up all the remaining time. It was fine though. Had a few la visits and saw Lucille. Her chemo is going rough but she is hanging in there, we read her the all is well home teaching message, I'm not sure if she will hear the lessons in this life or the next but I hope it's this life! 
All is well, I love you! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Elder Stevenson

July 20, 2015

The lady with 7 kids is not a member. That's great young men's went so good! Have fun with both trips! 

I'm not sure why she's in a wheelchair.. It's to do with her feet, she may have got polio.. That's great Hayden is seeking the spirit, there's a good list in PMG ch 4

The cake shop sounds like fun, good thing you didn't burn it down. ;) have fun! 

Hey family, this week went pretty good, here it is
Monday- had a la lesson, went pretty good and met a pm family who was nice to us!

Tuesday- had a lesson with John, kept it simple read the book. we taught Michelle the word of wisdom. She accepted it real well. Saw a couple little miracles, saw a la and her 10 year old is la, she wants to get back into the church and he could get baptized! Some members fed us on the spot, our house was like 40 min away and we didn't have a dinner planned so that was nice. We had a lesson with Tom, taught him the plan of salvation. He accepted it good.
Wednesday- we had ZTM, had to go to the valley for it so it took a lot of the day. In the evening we saw a couple la families. 
Thursday- we did a ton of service for a widow, it was fun cleaning up her yard and everything. Had a la lesson with the Redd's, then a few other good contacts. 
Friday- had another lesson with John on prophets, he didn't accept it that good but the truth is sinking into him, just got to purge all the false teachings of men he's heard for 60 years.. Had a lesson with Michelle, it went good, reset her date for August 15th, hope she makes it. Drove to young.
Saturday- something called pleasant valley days, a huge annual roping event with a parade and craft show and vendors and things, so we had a table and manned that most of the day, it went pretty great, sadly most of the people I either already knew or they were from out of town but still good. 
Sunday- no investigators. Ugg. Church was good though and we had pat and another lady we are helping prepare for temple. Not sure if there has been lots of talk about the general conference training up in Idaho but the teachings and about the sacrament and sabbath observance has been enlightening to me, I've been over it 4 times now.. We had a lesson after church with carol (the one prepping for temple) met a crazy catholic guy and some other stuff.
His morning I caught a fish! 
Have a great week and a fun Canada trip!
2 Timothy 3: 1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
We are in the last days, prophesy is being fulfilled!

Elder Stevenson

July 13, 2015

Thanks for the prayers. Hopefully for Michelle her dad will be able to baptize her but it would be neat if her uncle was also worthy. That sounds like Idaho weather!

That's too bad to hear about Hayden but thanks for letting me know. That's a neat story!

Maybe next year you will win right? That's pretty cool you did good at the cake shop, you might get hired! 

Hey family,
I just wrote in the middle of last week so this one may be a bit short but here it is:
Wednesday- Went to Young- We sat in on JP and Christa's temple prep class, they are getting so close I am pumped! You can really tell a difference in their home over the last few months and it is great. Then we felt prompted to go introduce Elder Watson to the branch President (although we had other things to do) and it was neat cause we showed up and he started talking about a friend who he felt needed a priesthood blessing for a surgery the next day and he had tried twice to bring it up to no avail, but he felt like he should just call her so he did and we ended up going over with him to the Titus' and helped give her a blessing, she has 7 kids and is a single mom so it’s a struggle. The blessing went good and it was really good for the kids to see, they are about warmed up to us to take the lessons! The surgery went good too.
Thursday- We did service for a PM couple, the van voorst, and he invited us in after to ask us some questions, he was satisfied with our answers and invited us back! Then we had our second lesson Carol, with a RC who went LA, it was good. We taught Pat a lesson and got everything set for Saturday. Saw a few other people, taught Anthony the gospel of Jesus Christ. JP came and really helped the lesson. 
Friday- Weekly planning day. We had a dinner and it was with an active couple but they had their brother’s grandson over and we taught the restoration for our dinner message, it was good, but later the kids dad, who is la, got pretty upset that we gave him a Book of Mormon. We did some wood service too, that was fun. 

Saturday- Pat's baptism! It went great, we had over 60 people turn out for it which is by far the biggest support I have seen on my mission. Her son baptized and confirmed her. Although the gospel usually gets passed down its neat to see it get passed up in a family. A few investigators came too. We played Vada and Sam horse shoes for the 3rd time, well we finally won so they had to come to church with us on Sunday!! (Anthony lives in the same house as Vada and Sam) 
Sunday- Church was good; gospel principals was packed. There was literally room for only one more chair and it’s a good thing 3 of the usual people just all got called to teach primary or we would have been overflowed. We had a stake priesthood meeting and it took a long time, we left at 5 with a long drive and barely made it back in time. It was sure a fun drive though, we rode with Brother Varker, Waite and Le Fever they are each 65+ but still fun. 
1 Nephi 8:33 ...they did point the finger of scorn at me and those that were partaking of the fruit also; but we heeded them not.  34 These are the words of my father: For as many as heeded them, had fallen away.
The world will continue to apostatize and pervert, but the way we will overcome is to pay them no heed! 
Have a good week! 
Elder Stevenson