Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September 22, 2013

This week was a good week. the first part of the week went a little slow with lots of appointments falling thru but we developed a ward mission plan since this ward doesn't have one, then had a meeting with the ward missionaries and made it legit and now the ward mission leader we hope will help us more and fulfill his calling. It really should help us get more missionary work that we need as well as the ward fellow shipping and doing what they should be doing so we can all work together. yesterday (Sunday) was pretty cool, we have an investigator, Anthony, who invited us to "bible study" so we said we'd try and be there Sunday night so after church we went and it ended up being like a half church service but full of people of different religions.. weird I know. but anyways the pasture asked us to get up and talk a little about what we believe or bear our testimony's so we did and it went well and was cool to see there perspective, sing a few Christian songs ha-ha, he is coming to our church next week. another investigator JR, a Navajo man we met wanted us to come see him and the first time he was drunk when we came back, then we went again and he was still drunk a lot, and when elder Armatage pulled out his scriptures to teach from he immediately wanted them, instead of the free Book of Mormon we gave him. and we haven't taught him the word of wisdom or anything but he promised to be sober from here out and so he gave him his scriptures as long as he keeps that promise, even though it was hard for him to do it made my testimony grow seeing that he could give up something so precious he's had since he was 8 and give it away like Christ would. Danny, I think I've talked about him?.. is being baptized this week and we are excited, he's soo ready! also Daniel the other brother of the family we baptized wants to be baptized now! God places so many miracles in our paths, like the other day we were knocking on what we thought was a members door but was actually a part member family that let us in and the mom (less active family) said right off, oh good your here to get him to church right? so now we have a family to activate and a dad to teach the gospel, then another day 2 girls who were talking about earlier in the day they needed to start coming back to church (haven't been in years) and have god in there lives then other days street contacting people and just running into people who are prepared its amazing! we have a few guys who one of them we are trying to teach and the other ones are nice to us and there these tough thug like guys but whenever we see the they call us "our Mormons" and say we got your back and stuff its pretty funny! I always like when after talking to someone like that or like at the fellowship church or whatever afterward they'll say something like "now if anyone says anything bad about Mormons/ missionaries/lds ill tell them I know first hand and there wrong and tell them I know first hand I know better" I'm super excited for another week!

Elder Stevenson

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