Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Dear family,
Thank you all so much for all the letter I love hearing from you all. this week I was able to have my first baptism and it was great! I  baptized David, 14, and then Karen the mom was also baptized. when we got in the water i got all confused on which way i was suppose to stand and which way he was suppose to stand so we were like walking in circles for a minute but after that it went well. i think my favorite part of the day was when Karen and David were confirmed the holy ghost and the blessing that came with it. i love standing in the circles of blessing even if I'm not the speaking and being able to feel the spirit. stake conference was this week and it was great. the temple pres was there and spoke about our priesthood will be the only thing that will be able to save lives in the near future and how important it is to keep worthy of that because medical technology and other things will become almost useless. it was powerful. they also talked a lot about testimonies and how important it is to share your testimony for your own benefit of it growing and also for others because they need to hear that to build there own. i was able to go to the mesa temple on Tuesday with the zone and it was really good. amazing to be able to feel so close to god as we are in his house. we found a lot of new investigators last week which was great so this week hopefully we can contact them and they are interested. there's some crazy ideas in this world ha-ha but I am loving the scriptures but not loving how hard it is to decide to what to study for the day because it is all so good and we only have an hour. our other investigators we already had are doing well and progressing I love seeing the change in peoples lives as they accept the gospel principals and say yes I will pray or come to church or anything and then the blessings soon after. 
I love you

Elder Stevenson

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