Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September 4, 2013

I got to get on the computer today to tell you I'm coming home, its to hard out here.. just kidding! My zone right now is called Maricopa, its in mesa. my companion is elder Armatage from Utah hes been out about 8 months. we cover one ward, and it is the most southern part of the entire mission. we can see the mesa mission from our front window (we live with members named the Shockmans, 2 kinda old disabled people) and at one end of the street is the Tuscan mission and the other end of the ward (like 3 min on a bike) is the Phoenix mission so we are in a little box right now. the missionary here before me left his bike so i got a free bike! but its pretty crappy so I don't know how well its gonna hold up. its hot here yesterday it got to be 110. I met some members yesterday there's lots of members right around us. we ate dinner at the elders president and they had some family friends over and we taught them the plan of salvation. then we went to the Boulder and ate another dinner and met some people on the street. on Monday after we got here we went to the mesa temple visitor center and went to the mission home and went over a lot of initiation type stuff. pres and sister Sweeney are the nicest people you will meet. they love all there missionary's it was awesome to get a home cooked breakfast from her yesterday.on Monday night we went street contacting we met a man and talked to him for about 45 minutes and he was interested but his friend that was there was kinda interrupting and making it so the spirit couldn't be there. but he took a Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more and stuff. sorry I only got to talk for a few minutes in the airport I wish the bus schedule would've worked and my calling card worked better. have a good week!
love you,

Elder Stevenson

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