Wednesday, July 8, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hello! Today I am emailing you from... Tonto Basin! Elder Pyper and I both are staying together for another transfer here so that's pretty exciting. Here's how the last week and a half went for me- Tuesday- Tonto- Went and saw a guy who said we could go back, his name is Charlie. Taught Charlie the Restoration, it was pretty good, except for when we asked him what he saw in the first vision picture he said Han Solo in a vest looking up at Luke Skywalker and Haha. It was Elder Pyper’s birthday day and one of the members had a little party for him. We had a lesson with Ramone and Jane, taught the Plan of Salvation and it went pretty well. Wednesday- Young- We sanded and painted a deck porch for a nonmember couple who were pretty cool. Then we stacked hay and had lunch and a lesson with a Recent convert couple who are awesome. We had a lesson with Pat and taught her the Sabbath day and obedience, she is doing good and making progress, we just need to get her off that coffee and tea! Got another flat tire, but this time it only took us 25 minutes to fix. Thursday- Got iPad’s! They are pretty cool. We had a mission seminar with Elder Evans of the 70 and some other people who taught us about discipleship in the digital age. The meeting was in the valley and after we got our tire fixed. By the time we got back to Young it was late but we had some great experiences of sharing the gospel throughout the day, just not in our area. Taught the Restoration to a young gal while waiting for her oil change then got another referral for someone while getting gas, then at Walmart got talking to a guy who builds temples and wants to join but his wife is Catholic and he was thrilled to have his own Book of Mormon. Also in Walmart in Payson saw Gwen who was someone I baptized like a year ago. It was pretty neat. Friday- Young- We had a lesson with Trevor about the Priesthood and how the church works. Went to the Young graduation, only 2 people graduated from high school, imagine if that’s how it was for you Lexi! They had an 8th grade and kindergarten graduation too so we saw and were seen by a lot of families which was the goal. Have some people we are going to hunt down from it. Saturday-Young- Did service for a while. Got our iPad’s set up and got the scriptures on them which are great. Had dinner and a lesson with Trevor, Jay R., JP and his family, we went over the family proclamation. JP and Christa just started temple prep classes and I am excited for them! Had a lesson with the Connor’s, but he's not ready to come back.. Sunday- Spoke in church, my topic was sustaining church leaders. I spoke for 17 minutes out of 20 but that was alright, I wrote my talk Saturday night and Sunday morning between PEC and sacrament. Pat and Trevor came to church. There was a bunch of visitors up. After church there was a child baptism and Trevor stayed for it. We had a lesson with Trevor, we went over the baptismal interview questions, and he’s all good… Except he smoked again. UGGG, I want to destroy all the Tobacco! Drove back to Tonto, saw a lion on the way. Monday- Had another lesson with Charlie, taught him the Pan of Salvation. He soaked it in and hopefully will come to church this week. Went off to Gisela with brother Wall, had a lesson with the Wynn's and taught Michelle the Plan of Salvation, she should start progressing, we just need to get her parents to come back to church they got baptized a while back. Tuesday- Saw Ramone and Jane again, when we got there they dropped us... We asked if they had read prayed and got an answer about the Book of Mormon and committed them to do so before making a final decision. Bore our testimony's to them so I guess we will see... Showed mountains to climb to a lot of people on the iPad, including Lucille who is the one with cancer going thru Chemo. She is great, the sweetest little old lady ever. When we got to her house she said do you like my hair? They had just shaved it all off. I hope she can get well so she can get baptized. Alma43:45-46 Nevertheless, the Nephites were inspired by a better cause, for they were not fighting for monarchy nor power but they were fighting for their homes and their liberties, their wives and their children, and their all, yea, for their rites of worship and their church. And they were doing that which they felt was the duty which they owed to their God. Happy Memorial Day! Love, Elder Stevenson

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