Wednesday, July 8, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey hey! This week was pretty good- Monday- Young- We had a zone activity and went to a huge cabin, the owner invented Sky Mall so he is loaded. It was the biggest place I have ever seen. We also had a FHE with Trevor and the people he lives with JP, Christa and Jay R, the lesson was on the Book of Mormon, then I introduced them to the thimble game for the activity and it was great. Tuesday- Young- Woke up to a flat tire. The worst part was getting the spare tire off, it would come from the bottom, turns out there is a little spot by the license plate, but we got it worked out. Then we had service, we helped a nonmember widow stack wood and get her place looking a little better then we also helped another nonmember couple, the Marts, worked in the garden and helped build a cucumber grower, they are awesome and we hope to start teaching them. She even introduced us to some of their friends who can use a little service. We then had a lesson with Pat, we just read the Book of Mormon with her, and she is so great. We also had a visit at the Varker’s, a recent convert couple and they fed us dinner. We contacted 5 referrals, which is ton for one day! Wednesday- We left Young and went to Payson for district meeting, it got cancelled because our district leader forgot.. but that was ok. Went to Gisela and had a lesson with Nole, We taught more about the Book of Mormon and how Joseph Smith is related to that. We also finally made contact with Ramone again and met his wife, she is living back up here now, and we have an appointment tomorrow night so hopefully we can really get the ball rolling again! Wednesday- Tonto We had a LA lesson with Sister Drummond, then got to drive down and go to the mesa temple with sister Decker. It was amazing! Elder Swaner (my last comp) and his companion were there too. Friday- Tonto- Had a lot visits, a lot of rejections, their loss. We did have one good visit though at the Browns, a PMF, at first Bill, the dad was just trying to get us to argue but then my companion bore his testimony and it really touched his heart so I bore mine too and there was definitely a different feeling in the room after, we are going to try some service work (they are farmer/ranchers) and see if that can get the door open a little wider. Saturday- We had a concrete service project planned I was excited for so I could use some of my old skills but it rained a bunch so it fell thru, we went service tracting anyways, not too much success. Worked on the new branch mission plan with Brother Wall, but it's still in the making. Saw the Bauers, a PMF. It was really good so hopefully we can get the ball rolling their too. Sunday- Church was good, Elder Pyper talked. Nole came again! He rode with the Haughts, a real old couple that are his neighbors. During sacrament Sister Haught passed out, luckily we had a Doctor from the stake pres. and a sheriff a few other people but most importantly priesthood holders. We gave her a blessing. We didn't get to meet with Karmyn, Seth and Ashton this last week, but hopefully this week. Luke 17:32 Remember Lot's wife. A simple verse, but one to ponder. Love you, have a good week Elder Stevenson

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