Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hi family! It's great to hear from you as usual! My week was pretty good- Monday- young We went out to Haigler creek for a lesson, but the member who is a neighbor for Rita volunteered us for service instead, so we cleaned up her yard, I was a little upset cause it was supposed to be p-day and we had plans to go fishing, but I humbled myself and had charity and then we were able to have a lesson after and talk about temples and the plan of salvation. Monday night we had a lesson with Trevor on agency and choices, it went alright. Then we had a lesson/visit with Danna (la) and that was good. Tuesday- Young Started out with service, helped release a raccoon, that was cool, then split wood. Then went to a members and helped them tear down a chicken coop and move an anvil to the neighbors. Had a RC lesson. Had a lesson with Pat, it was on baptism and it was pretty great, the only bad part was she uncommitted to the 20 of this month but she committed and promised to talk with her son this week and set a date with him since he will be doing it. We have a lesson with her today, so we will see how it goes! Tried to do some family history for our temple trip coming up... Grandmas done it all! Wednesday- Payton and Tonto We had district meeting, gave a training on working the whole vineyard, it was good, but got cut short cause we were out of time. Went to Gisela. Had a lesson with Michelle again! She set a date for July 25, a ways off but that should give her enough time to start coming to church and everything. We went over to Nole’s for our lesson and he ran us off. It was quite the surprise, he basically told us his yard was more important than church and the gospel.. Sad, I gave him a copy of good, better, best and we will give him another shot in a couple weeks, and he might have just been overwhelmed. His date is off for now. Satan sure works hard on people. We also had dinner and a lesson with the Wynn’s. Thursday- Tonto Our appointments all fell thru but it was still a pretty good day, we saw a LA named Christine who is Karmyn’s grandma and had a really good chat with her. Also had a lesson with the Drummond’s. Friday- Tonto Saw the Hardy's, making progress with them! Had a lesson with sister Canady. Then went to Deer Creek and had a lesson with Dana and a LA named Larry. Saw the Browns a PMF and had a good visit, showed them mountains to climb. Saturday Great day! The Deleon’s, a family I was teaching in Scottsdale went thru the temple to receive their endowments and were sealed as a family, it was neat! One of the best days of my mission. The sealer was the old Mesa mission president. It was neat to see a lot of people from camel view ward too. I will send a picture! Sunday- Tonto Church was good except no one came in Tonto. But 3 people went in Young! After church we drove to Young, had dinner with our branch mission leader, he is getting to trust us a lot more than the previous missionaries so that's good. In answer to dads question the people we had on date that aren't right now are these- Karmyn- haven't met with her or her 2 brothers who were also on date in like 3 weeks because her grandma died and they went to Colorado. Trevor-won't have a date anymore, he was doing good, but moved out of the members home he was staying with and this last week started smoking chewing and getting high again with his mom... What a mom. But he is moving to Illinois to be with his dad in a couple weeks and that's probably not enough time to clean up and get baptized. All in all it was a pretty good week! John 16: 33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. Love, Elder Stevenson

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