Wednesday, July 8, 2015

May 11, 2015

This week has been a good one! Here's the basics Last Monday (Young) evening we went to Snowflake for a baptism of someone Elder Pyper taught. It was good, Trevor came with us and we rode with a member so it gave us a good car ride to talk too. Tuesday-Young- We helped the Varkers (RC) with some service of getting a sewing machine set up and had a good visit with them. We had another lesson with Pat, we taught her the Word of Wisdom, she loves her tea and coffee but is going to start working toward overcoming. It was a good lesson though. We also saw Cliff again (he was the one who fed us dinner and is Jewish), such a neat man, has plans to read the whole Book of Mormon so that will be great. Had a lesson with Trevor and taught him the law of chastity. Wednesday- we left Young, had district meeting in Payson then Elder Cox came with us to Tonto Basin. He's awesome so it was good to be with him again, we had a real good lesson with Karmyn, she is the 16 year old we have been trying to meet with. We taught the restoration and about halfway thru she says, so what do I need to do to be baptized? It was great! She cried and could really feel the spirit, sadly her mom had the flu so she didn't join the lesson, next time. Thursday-Tonto- We had another lesson with Nole, we taught him the Plan of Salvation, he had a lot of light bulb moments! Hard to keep him focused on the doctrine and basics but we did our best. He committed to church but when we called him Saturday he was hacking up a lung and said he will be there next week. I think I mentioned his cousin who was a bishop in California, what a tremendous impact he has made in preparing Nole! Friday-tonto- We met a PM couple, the Richards, as time went on our conversation got better and we went over the articles of faith, prayed and they want us to come back! Saturday-Tonto- The stake President had us for breakfast, that was nice. Then there was a community yard sale in Deer Creek so we went around to all the people house to house and they were much nicer than just knocking on doors, a couple even said come back! We had a lesson with Sister Canady on Patriarchal blessings. Then a lesson with the Tweeds on Church.... They didn't come Sunday so they are officially dropped :( Always stinks dropping people. Sunday- Tonto- Church was pretty great! Bore my testimony. Karmyn came with her brother and they enjoyed it. After not having a YW's presidency the whole time I've been here we got one Sunday and that was the same day a YW investigator came! Not a coincidence. Trevor and Anthony and that whole group went in Young too so I was pretty happy people are finally coming to church. We went to see a LA couple and were having a pretty good talk and landed on tithing. This man had some beef with it and said "in Oklahoma if your 65 or older you don't even have to pay tithing" I replied telling him that wasn't true and in a slit second he was up out of his chair yelling get out! Don’t call me a liar! It reminded me that the wicked do take the truth to be hard. Well there is the brief rundown of my week, I'm glad you all seem to be having good weeks too! I will see you on Sunday!! Alma 26:20 And oh, what joy, and what marvelous light I did behold; yea, my soul was filled with joy as exceeding as was my pain! Always seek the joy that comes from Jesus! Love, Elder Stevenson

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