Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8, 2015

Hi family! Well today I am emailing from.... Tonto Basin! I have a new companion, his name is Elder Watson, he is from Kentucky and has been out about 3 months. He's tall. Elder Pyper went down to the valley furnace, but it’s not too much cooler here. Monday- Went to Young- Had a branch FHE movie night where we watched Meet the Mormons. It turned out great and there was a good turnout. Pat went, also Danna, first time she's been in the church in a long while and a lady named Carol who got baptized a year and a half ago but hasn't been active and a few other people! Tuesday- Young- Saw Van Voorst, PM couple, and set up a return appointment for service. Saw Aldo. I can’t really remember what else it was so long ago… but I remember we were busy that day! Wednesday- Young- WE had a lesson with Carol, she was the one who came to the movie night, she wants to get back into the church and we talked about temple and what she needs to do to get there, I am excited for that! We had a lesson with Pat, talked about the baptism interview, went over the questions and made some plans for her interview! Thursday- Lots of service, worked at the community center for a bit then for a nonmember, Karl. His whole family is members so he has heard most of the beliefs before and he believes it but I guess 80+ years ago he promised his mom he wouldn't change religions so we had a good chat about that and he said he would pray and see what God wants! We had a lesson with Anthony and taught him about the Book of Mormon. He's making progress. Had dinner with a member but a LA member was there and that was really good. Friday- We taught a lady named Rita we did service for a while ago, when we got there she said I don't want to become Mormon but then we still taught the restoration and by the end she committed to read the book and if God answers her prayer she would change! It was cool. Taught Anthony the Plan of Salvation. He soaked it up! Pat had her interview and passed so she is set for the 11th! Then went to Payson for district meeting, Elder Pyper and I gave a good good training on the character of Christ. Saturday- We spend the 4th in Payson at the park. There was a booth and the 4 Payson Elders plus us plus 4 sisters all did the booth, most of the day me and my comp walked about talking to families and passing out literature, then in the evening we were in charge of the booth. All in all we gave out approx. 120 Book of Mormons and contacted over 500 people! It was quite the day, we were set up at the park at 9:30 am and couldn’t take down until it was done so that was 10 and with traffic and all it was bad until like 11 after that.. Don't worry we were just doing what the district leader had permission to do. Sunday- Church was good, in the afternoon we went to Gisela and had a lesson with Michelle. Taught her more about the scriptures and read with her and her family. A neat thing that happened is one day when we first went there her uncle (who lives upstairs) opened the door and was pretty rude but we didn't care then during our lesson he got home from work and was standing in the kitchen next to us listening and by the end of the lesson was even participating a bit! He is LA. Monday- We had a lesson with john and taught him about the Sabbath day, hope we can get him back to church! Had dinner with a little group of the awesome tonto members. They thought I might get transferred so they had an early birthday for me just in case. Tuesday- Was transfers, it took a lot of the day but I got to see a lot of great missionaries for possibly the last time :( We got back and had dinner with the walls then went to Gisela and had another lesson with Michelle, we tried to show her JSPR but her TV internet wasn't working so we just did the restoration instead. ! Nephi 1:20 But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance. The mercies of the Lord are available to all, just have faith so you may be worthy and chosen of the blessings I'm glad you all had a good last week and that the 4th was good! Love, Elder Stevenson

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