Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hello family, Happy birthday Lexi!! I barely wrote you so this may be a bit shorter, Thursday we did service- helped an older couple clean up there yard and a huge tree. Then we helped a different widow trim her weeds up. Got another flat tire, the ground was hot too! We had a real good visit with a less active couple, backstory we have tried to see them like 4 times but they always have an excuse then this time when we knocked we heard him say ok let them in today so our persistence paid off and they invited us back. We also had a couple visits with some of the 'Christian' folks in town. Not sure where that will go. Friday- some service again for a sister working toward the temple, pulled weeds and then she fed us lunch, we watched mountains to climb. Then went to Gisela, tight Nole the word of wisdom, he accepted it a lot better then what he said on the phone about the pamphlet! Just gotta kick the coffee and the rest is easy. He should be good for the 27th. Then we had another lesson with Michelle, taught her the restoration and it went good, she opened up a lot more and committed to baptism. Drove to young Saturday- made it out to a place called Haigler creek, met some people. Had to do some iPad stuff that took a while too. Found out Trevor is moving back in with his mom... She's not the best influence so hope he can stay strong, we have a lesson with him tonight. We met a less active and showed her mountains to climb, she was crying and even pretty shaky, it really hit home. Sunday- pat was at church her date is for the 20th, Trevor was too. Church was good. One of the kids had a birthday party so we went over to that and got to talk to a family we've been trying to meet with. Saw Dave who is one of the main people running the Christian fellowship church in young. Had a really good chat, he's got an open heart and hope we can pick it open more and he will give us an honest shot. It would be cool to convert him! This week we have showed mountains to climb to a lot of people so for my scripture watch it! mountains to climb Love Eder Stevenson

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