Wednesday, January 27, 2016

July 27, 2015

I'm glad your trip went well, get rested up old man ;) how hot was Vegas?

That sounds like a missionary week being so busy! The Waterton park sounds cool, I'm glad you had fun at the reunion even though it didn't sound fun beforehand.

Yeah send me some pics! Teach Lexi how to email pictures too. I'm glad you had fun with your cousins. Good job hiking, are you still running daily?

This week went good again!
Monday- Young- we had dinner with a nonmember Greek man named John. he made us a Greek dinner it was really good, he used to own his own restraint in scottsdale. We had a really good chat with him and the other 2 guys who came too.
Tuesday- Young- we did service again for the VanVoorst. We worked under his trailer then had a good chat about grace and works and how they relate. Then we taught Anthony and talked about the articles of faith, his broken femur is making it hard for him to do anything.. We had a lesson with a lady named Athena, possible potential. Then saw the titus' and showed them mountains to climb and talked about trials. They finally accepted book of Mormons. In evening we had a few la visits, one to a guy named Pete, I think he will reactivate will some help! 
Wednesday- we did service again all morning. Made a garden, it was fun. Then we had a lesson with Pat and talked about patriarchal blessings and church callings. She is excited for both. Then we drove to Tonto basin
Thursday- we had interviews in Scottsdale, they went really good. I love president Sweeney. We had district meeting after then came back. It took most of the day but we had a lesson with John and read 3 Nephi 27. Talked about the qualifications for Christ church. 
Friday- we went to Gisela and had a few good visits. We had dinner with the wynns and had a really really good conversation with them, they have fallen off the wagon the last month or so but are going to be getting back on track. Also had a lesson with Abigail, she is la. Her son buckee came to church and he's 11 and not baptized! We also had a lesson with a lady named Jessica, her husband died a few weeks ago from a heart attack and she is a young mom so we taught the plan of salvation and turns out her mom got baptized a few years ago and her uncles is a member and she lived with his family a while ago! So I am excited to start teaching her. We spent the night at the haughts, they're house was approved for missionaries to use so that was cool.
Saturday- we had a lesson with Michelle, kept it simple and read the Book of Mormon. Then another lesson with a nice couple who aren't interested.. Pin the afternoon we got to go up to pine/ strawberry for a stake Pioneer Day celebration. It was really neat to see so many people I served with! I even found 2 people who we taught and were LA and they are preparing for the temple!! 
Sunday- Elder Watson and I spoke in church. We spoke about the pioneers. I talked about the faith the pioneers had and how it motivated them to move forward. I was suppose to talk for 10 minutes and I was the concluding speaker, the first 2 speakers went under so I spoke for 12 but still didn't fill up all the remaining time. It was fine though. Had a few la visits and saw Lucille. Her chemo is going rough but she is hanging in there, we read her the all is well home teaching message, I'm not sure if she will hear the lessons in this life or the next but I hope it's this life! 
All is well, I love you! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Elder Stevenson

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