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July 13, 2015

Thanks for the prayers. Hopefully for Michelle her dad will be able to baptize her but it would be neat if her uncle was also worthy. That sounds like Idaho weather!

That's too bad to hear about Hayden but thanks for letting me know. That's a neat story!

Maybe next year you will win right? That's pretty cool you did good at the cake shop, you might get hired! 

Hey family,
I just wrote in the middle of last week so this one may be a bit short but here it is:
Wednesday- Went to Young- We sat in on JP and Christa's temple prep class, they are getting so close I am pumped! You can really tell a difference in their home over the last few months and it is great. Then we felt prompted to go introduce Elder Watson to the branch President (although we had other things to do) and it was neat cause we showed up and he started talking about a friend who he felt needed a priesthood blessing for a surgery the next day and he had tried twice to bring it up to no avail, but he felt like he should just call her so he did and we ended up going over with him to the Titus' and helped give her a blessing, she has 7 kids and is a single mom so it’s a struggle. The blessing went good and it was really good for the kids to see, they are about warmed up to us to take the lessons! The surgery went good too.
Thursday- We did service for a PM couple, the van voorst, and he invited us in after to ask us some questions, he was satisfied with our answers and invited us back! Then we had our second lesson Carol, with a RC who went LA, it was good. We taught Pat a lesson and got everything set for Saturday. Saw a few other people, taught Anthony the gospel of Jesus Christ. JP came and really helped the lesson. 
Friday- Weekly planning day. We had a dinner and it was with an active couple but they had their brother’s grandson over and we taught the restoration for our dinner message, it was good, but later the kids dad, who is la, got pretty upset that we gave him a Book of Mormon. We did some wood service too, that was fun. 

Saturday- Pat's baptism! It went great, we had over 60 people turn out for it which is by far the biggest support I have seen on my mission. Her son baptized and confirmed her. Although the gospel usually gets passed down its neat to see it get passed up in a family. A few investigators came too. We played Vada and Sam horse shoes for the 3rd time, well we finally won so they had to come to church with us on Sunday!! (Anthony lives in the same house as Vada and Sam) 
Sunday- Church was good; gospel principals was packed. There was literally room for only one more chair and it’s a good thing 3 of the usual people just all got called to teach primary or we would have been overflowed. We had a stake priesthood meeting and it took a long time, we left at 5 with a long drive and barely made it back in time. It was sure a fun drive though, we rode with Brother Varker, Waite and Le Fever they are each 65+ but still fun. 
1 Nephi 8:33 ...they did point the finger of scorn at me and those that were partaking of the fruit also; but we heeded them not.  34 These are the words of my father: For as many as heeded them, had fallen away.
The world will continue to apostatize and pervert, but the way we will overcome is to pay them no heed! 
Have a good week! 
Elder Stevenson

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