Wednesday, January 27, 2016

August 3, 2015

That sounds like a great couple trips! Thanks for all the detail. I would like to hear some of your beefs and bouquets growing up! Haha The Lord knows your trying with the Jensen’s but ultimately the choice is up to them

The new calling sounds like something you will like and it will keep you young as you gets grow older ;) Kaden told me about him and Brady both on the 23rd, oh well. Camping sounds good! And if we go on more than 1 week per date are you paying us?? One of our companionship goals for the week was actually praying more and asking for the HG, funny you mentioned it.

I got a cake, and it was fun to build a fence on Wednesday! I'm glad you had fun at the splash park, enjoy the new presidency!

Monday- we had a good zone activity, nerf war. In the evening we did FHE at the Richens, a la family. They are moving so I hope it's easier to be active in the new place.

Tuesday- we had a 9 appointments planned, but half of them fell through, overall it was still a great day! In the morning we had a lesson with John, we read a talk of President Monson’s with him and he is understanding truth line upon line. We had a lesson with sis Canady, talked about what she can do to quit smoking and get to the temple. We had a lesson with the Wynn’s again on patriarchal blessings and daily study and prayer, they just need to act. We had a lesson with Tom Barkley again (finally) we had dinner with the Lyman’s (branch
president) and he came, we taught the restoration. It went well but his ears are old. He has a good heart and I think will get baptized.
Spent the night at the Haught’s in Gisela.

Wednesday- district meeting in Payson went good. Then we drove to young and did service for the Varker’s, built a fence and it looks good! Then they fed us and we had a lesson. We went to temple prep with JP and Christa, they are all done and now just need interviews! I hope they go within the next couple weeks.

Thursday- we did service for Vada and Sam. It went good, mowed and had a good talk. Then we had a lesson with Anthony and read the Book of Mormon. He needs a little motivation in his life but we are working on him. Had another lesson with sis Haley, she is getting closer to being prepared for temple prep. Then we met a new less active, her name is Jan and our visit with her was very productive, she's got some vices but we are going to get her back and to the temple.

Friday- we had service with the Van Voorst then taught the restoration. It went good. JP had us over for lunch and fed us cake, they invited Anthony so we had a lesson with him too on following the prophet. It started raining and our lesson was outside so it didn't go that great. Had another lesson with pat, we started over and taught her the restoration again. It amazes me how far she has come, of course some of it is her own learning and understanding but the gift of spirit has given her so much, just asking her questions it's amazing to see. Had a few other visits and worked on our weekly planning.

Saturday- finished our wp because we didn't get it done, had a few la visits then went to Haigler and had dinner with the porters and got some referrals. Drove back to tonto and it was an amazing drive! There was a huge rain storm and the dirt road was slick and the Lightning was striking but the scenery was unbelievable.

Sunday- Church was good, had some good testimony’s, we taught Sunday school (gospel doctrines) and that went pretty well. We had dinner with the walls and he turned 80 so we took him some birthday stuff, I got a pink tie, elder Watson got the same tie in orange and I got brother wall the yellow version so we will look pretty good! We had a lesson with John and it was great, read James 2 and talked about faith and works, then talked about the Book of Mormon, I really felt love for him in our lesson.
Michelle cancelled and she probably won't make her date cause she's not progressing toward the 15th. Bummer.
James 2:17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead Love you! Have a good week Elder Stevenson

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