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November 24, 2014

Hi Family, This last week was not quite what was expected. Elder DeBruin has been struggling with a few things and this last Tuesday evening we were visiting a Less active, Inez and she President called us I had the phone so talked to him first then Elder Debruin talked to him, he said there would be a transfer that night and that my companion would be staying at the mission home for a little while. My companion got all packed up and was pretty sad but we said bye to a few people quickly and went to the mission office. I met my new companion there, his name is Elder Freckleton, and he’s from Idaho Falls. I will try and send a picture of us together. Elder Debruin went home on Friday. Here is an update of the other things that happened last week: We are teaching the Deleon family (family working towards the temple) and talked about Patriarchal blessings and they are doing really good, sadly one of the extended family members on the reservation froze to death this last weekend and they it is pretty sad. Thank goodness for the atonement and knowledge of the Resurrection. I hope they can find peace. We are still working with the Highley's (John, Nicole, Gannon) plus James. James is more of a family friend but is staying with them for a while and we have started teaching him when we teach Nicole. John is good, he helps us as we teach and testify. He joined about 8 months ago. Nicole is doing ok, but it has been hard to get her to church, if she doesn't start showing some more fruits we might have to stop teaching her. On the bright side we picked up James, he has been reading the book of Mormon and we taught Nicole the word of wisdom and he was there too. He has barely been taught the basics but accepted the Word of Wisdom so that was pretty cool! We also taught him the restoration this last week. We are still working with Blain and helping him get to the temple, he is doing great and keeps all commitments and appointments, and it’s just a matter of time before he can go to the temple. We talked a little more about the plan of salvation with him last week. Sister Fussell is doing well, her husband took offense to us (I might have said that already?) but we are still meeting with her and helping get her to the temple and tobacco free. We talked to her during church and she said her husband was confused and that's why he got mad but she explained things out to him and he has thoughts about joining the church. We are still teaching the Armstrong family- we talked this last time about things that led to Mary's baptism and then talked about things they need to do to be sealed as a family. We made a list of things to go over with them and have an appointment tonight to talk about the Family Proclamation. We had exchanges Thursday and I spend the day with Elder Turner, it was a great day! We went to see an "unknown" person on the list of our 800 members and found out that person had moved and then as we were in the van updating records a man came from the other side of the street and wanted to talk, so we rolled down our windows and he just wanted to say hi and see if we needed water or anything, found out he used to be taught by missionaries a while back but then moved and now has a wife and 2 kids 13 and 8. His name is Juan and he wants us to start teaching him and his family, and gets his kids involved in the gospel. It was cool. We also were going to see an investigator and talked to a guy taking out the trash, he was less active and took us to meet his brother who he is staying with who is less active and his family. The cool thing was we were looking for that family but they moved apartments in a huge complex and it was a miracle we ran into them. We had a couple similar experiences this week also. We are helping the French speaking sister teach some people, we don't really do much except escort them because where they go is pretty dangerous for sisters. We had Zone Conference last week and it was really good. Talked about the mission tour, and a few other things. December there will be 3 articles in the Ensign that will help you do your missionary work and you even get pass along cards to use! Here is a link to check out tomorrow http://www.mormon.org/christmas/countdown Also dad you should just put a stack of Mormon pass along cards at your store for people to take. I'm trying to make this letter long for mom, but running out of things to say.. One day we out and felt like we should see the Bonito's (that’s Kyle - investigators family) and so we talked went over and talked to the family even though we knew Kyle wasn't home so we just chatted on the door step for a minute with Celeste (his more than girlfriend, not quite wife) about how he is liking being taught and thoughts of the gospel and what not (she is never home for our lessons with him) and talked about how the gospel blesses families and things he has said to us about how his family is the world to him but he doesn't really express that to her so she was crying and it was good. Church was good, Kyle and the family was there. Brother and Sister Cody were there, it’s been hard to meet with them. They have been busy, but hopefully this week. We are reading the Book of Mormon before the end of the year and marking all of the times it mentions Christ, it’s going great. Here is a few scriptures of the week since its thanksgiving! Rev. 7:12 Blessing, and glory, and thanksgiving, and honor be unto our God. Mosiah 2:19–21:O how you ought to thank your heavenly King. Alma 34:38 Live in thanksgiving daily. D&C 46:7 Ye should do all things with prayer and thanksgiving. And here is my favorite- Alma 37:37 37 Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day. Have a happy Turkey day, tackle someone in the snow for me, and be grateful. Love, Elder Stevenson PS: I was thinking if I made the font bigger it would take up more of the page ;)

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