Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hello! Life is good, nothing new for transfers, I am staying with Elder Freckleton and our apartment is the same. Transfer meeting was good though, got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while! The Mesa Temple Lights are up and running and we got to go on Friday with the Deckers and last night with the Deleons. They are awesome, so many lights. They also have nativity scenes and He is the Gift playing and the Nativity movie playing, its good! A lot has been happening, I'm glad the Elders talked to you about the He is the Gift video, don't forget to share it. Kyle is doing good, we had a lesson with him yesterday again and he's making big progress but its hard since he only knows a little, even reading and understanding the scriptures is pretty tough. The frosting was good mom,It wouldn't thicken cause it was fake butter... So we just kept pouring in cream cheese and powder sugar till it tasted good. On Sunday Elder Freckleton got sick, don't know if I mentioned or not but he's allergic to wheat soy and peanuts and ate something with that in it. We had our ward Christmas party, it was good. Sadly no investigators came but we had a few Less Actives. We had a lesson with someone who turned out to be anti, without bashing he got put in his place and shown the bible verses he was wrong. Actually had quite a few experiences of people who were anti this week, we went to dinner at a salad buffet with a member and man named Mercer (evil name huh?) came up to us and asked where the lds storehouse cannery is cause he wanted to buy some canning things so we told him and started talking about the gospel and he proclaimed to be some english professor scientist who is proving all religion to be right and that karma and math is everything, it was really weird, well the member we were with told him it was the holy ghost not "luck" and invited him to read the book of mormon (awesome member by the way) well this mercer guy went off about demanding a sign and I told him he was wrong and thats tempting god and bore my testimony to him. It was really weird, at least different then other people who have been anti before. But it felt just like a modern day book of mormon story.. Felt bad for the man and hope he finds his way. We had another lesson with Court and Ashley, it was really good taught the restoration. Sadly we found out they are going to be moving around the new year and they aren't getting married until after that so we will at least help them prepare for baptism then they will get baptized in there new home. We have a lot of less active work we are doing it is going well, I think over the next month we will transition them off more to the ward and find more less actives but also we are working on finding those who are ready now and can get them toward baptism. Nicole has been really sick so we haven't been able to meet with them for a week and a half. Hopefully things will start looking up hill. In answer to you questions mom- "What was the most exciting thing that happened this week? Most spiritual thing? Funniest? Do you like your companion? Do you work well together??" Exciting- The temple lights were awesome! Spiritual- Our lesson with Kyle was really good, and at transfer meeting the office missionaries bore their testimony's and it was super good Funniest- We contact people at stoplights from our car and have had some great experiences, it's really funny! We pass out cards and such.. but the only way you can experience it for yourself is if you #sharethegift cards you got from the ensign! Companion?- We do ok together, we have strengths in different areas so that is something that helps us do good together. I still want to send a picture of us but haven't found a SD card reader Remember Jesus is the reason for the Season! Love Elder Stevenson

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