Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

This week was good, we had a lot happen! I'll give you a quick run down from last week, we went bowling as a district, I bowled 121, not too bad, we pulled weeds at a young part member family's house, they are super nice, probably won’t progress very fast in the gospel because they have most of the necessities covered (house, shop, dirt bikes, sand rail, truck, wife, kid) Got it all right? ;) Ha-ha but they want to come to the Phoenix Temple open house that is all next month so that will be great, hopefully we can start teaching them about how families can be together forever. At our weekly Book of Mormon reading class we had a great turn out! First Michael came, we have been teaching him but it has been hard to get him to church, but he came and we had a church tour and he liked it, he enjoyed meeting the bishop too, then Julie was there with her kids as well. Then a lady we were trying to teach like 3 months ago that moved to another area showed up out of the blue with her family! It was pretty awesome to have a full room. Another day we taught the plan of salvation to a younger couple, they totally felt the spirit testifying but didn't accept any commitments, darn agency... Ha-ha! A while back I mentioned the Lingels, PMF, they went on a trip and just got back so we taught them the restoration and it was good, they are super nice but have some word of wisdom and other things that hopefully we can help them overcome. The person named William who was from the door we knocked on, we had an appointment with him and it was pretty awkward, he told us he was just sentenced to prison for 5 years... He starts his sentence on Tuesday (tomorrow) so we read the Book of Mormon with him and talked about the atonement. Anyways a lot of miracles always happen but a lot of people’s hearts seem to harden before we see them again hopefully some of these will stay soft! Last week I talked about the Frazier's I think. We saw them again this week, it was only bro Frazier and his daughter home but it was an awesome lesson/visit! I think they are the family I am most excited about, we went by to drop off a Family Proclamation but ended up talking with Br. Frazier for a while. He has a weird thing on his leg so I asked about it and it opened the door to a motorcycle crash which opened a lot of doors and a great conversation that eventually turned into coming back to the gospel, he talked about how he missed wearing garments and other things so it was great to talk to him about that and the Miracle of Forgiveness book. I have been studying out Jacob 5, the parable of the Olive-tree. I have learned a bunch, one thing I want to share is verse 15 and 16, because we are never alone. In this case it's not being alone as we help do the lords work, but really in any case we have our savior as our advocate! 15. And it came to pass that a long time passed away, and the Lord of the vineyard said unto his servant: Come, let us go down into the vineyard that we may labor in the vineyard. 16 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard, and also the servant, went down into the vineyard to labor. Well have a great week! I love you! Elder Stevenson

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