Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 16, 2014

Well I got transferred! Let me back up a bit though, last week was really good, Sunday especially. It has been a struggle to get people to come to church the last few weeks but Sunday everyone just seemed to flock right in. It was good to see a lot of people there my last Sunday there. Ann came and brought her son Keegan, Julie was there with her kids, Michael (investigator) we have been teaching made it this week and really liked it, and the Frazier's (la) came and brought there 8 year old, Audrey, who isn't baptized. I sat next to Audrey during sacrament and it was great, first she pulls out ice breakers to share.... then came the fruit snacks... then came the cookies, it was a good meeting! The speakers were good too. Bro Frazier and I sat together during elders quorum and he turns to me and says "I'm back" I was a little confused at first but it was finally in that 3rd hour of church when it hit him, I am back at church, I am where I need to be, where God wants and needs me, it was one of the coolest things to see it all just click. So my new companion is Elder Debruin, he's awesome, I am really excited to serve and work with him. We are in the "Scottsdale zone" but it’s really still more phoenix then Scottsdale in our ward so its lower income class mostly. It's the Cammelview ward. The work seems to really be going here, I only got here last night but there is a lot to do so I am excited to work hard. Here are a few of the things from last week- We did a lot of yard work service on Saturday which was fun. Had some really good lessons. It was hard to say goodbye to Julie and some other people I feel that I've been blessed to have an impact on. Didn't realize how close I was with the ward until on Sunday having to saying goodbye to people and how many people there really were that have helped us and been so nice to us. And saying goodbye to the elders and sister in the ward was sad too, but I will see them again :) Here's my scripture, Jacob 6:12 O be wise; what can I say more? Have a good week my family, I love you! Elder Stevenson

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