Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22,2014

It was great to listen to an apostle this week! On Saturday we gathered with the Mesa Mission and listened to Elder Nelson, we were also instructed by Elder Foster and Elder Hansen from the 70. It was amazing, my hand didn't stop writing the whole meeting. I will share a few things later on. It was also great to see Elder Anderson, he's growing up! This last week other good things happened too, we had a lesson with a former investigator Sara and Craig, they are a young unmarried couple, we talked about the plan of salvation and families and brought our Ward Mission Leader and his wife, it was a super good lesson and at the end instead of inviting them to be baptized we invited them to prepare to go to the celestial kingdom, when they said yes we said ok to get there you must be baptized, will you prepare to be baptized? They said yes and we said to do that you must read and pray each day, will you do that? It was really cool to put things in a more eternal perspective! They came to church on Sunday! Not going to lie, sacrament meeting was pretty... dry.. But they even enjoyed it and that everyone said hi to them and want to come back next week! As a side note PLEASE go to and request it to come to Scottsdale, use the area code 84008 and tell as many people as you can as well, we want this movie to get into theaters here so people will know who we are plus going to the movies as a missionary would be awesome! We just had a neighbor move in below us who is LA and has 2 kids who aren't members, she doesn't really want to come back but we were able to do service for them, we built their beds and they are going to come to the temple open house with us. The ward here is awesome, there is a lot of members and a lot of variety, kids, youth, newlyweds, families and old people so it will be great to have lots of fellowshipping for investigators. The members are willing to help us and that's good, last week one day we had dinner with a member family and they had their neighbor over and we were able to share the restoration with them and he wants to come to church the next Sunday he doesn't work. So here is a quick run down from Elder Nelson and Hansen/ Foster: All things lead to the temple or celestial kingdom. Family History is something I need to start learning and doing, we talked a lot about marriage, making the most of our missions, love you companion, love god, don't let anything stop the work or tear you down, my responsibility's, D&C31, and so much more! Although in the area change we lost all our progressing investigators, the lord is blessing our area and we are finding people to teach. Our schedules are full and I am happy. I am out of time, Have a great week! Love, Elder Stevenson

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