Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hi family, This week has been ok, not as good as the last one but hopefully things will pick up again, Ramone seems to be avoiding us for some reason and cancelling. Lucille did start chemo so we aren't going to be able to meet with her either. Tuesday- I spent in Pine with Elder Watts, got to see a lot of people, it was really neat! When I left there was a RC couple who were awesome but going back and seeing how living the gospel for the last year has helped her change so much was very neat! Also saw some people who haven’t lived the gospel and how their lives are still struggling so it was just a reminder the gospel works! Wednesday- Had district meeting and met back up with Elder Pyper, we went to Tonto and Elder Obrien was with us because his companion was on other exchanges. It was an ok afternoon, lots of rejection. Our lesson fell thru with Karmen. Thursday- We went to Gisela with Brother Wall and saw a man named Nole we did service for a couple weeks back, we actually had a real good chat about the priesthood and its importance, his cousin was a bishop in Cali which was a good way to find a place to start teaching him. We helped build a ramp for a PMF who is getting to old to walk Friday- We worked more on the ramp. It was with Brother Wall and Brother Smith. Bro Smith who's 80 got mad at one point because the lady's walker was in the way and he picked it up and threw it while mumbling, I was laughing pretty hard. Met some LA's and found a family who said we can go back after the Disneyland trip. Saturday- We made Ramone cookies but when we went to take them to him he was in Phoenix, we hope we can meet with him more. Had a good little visit with a man named Nate who is 88. We talked about the Book of Mormon and he said I believe it’s true so now we just need to help him understand more about if it’s true, the rest of what we teach is true too. Sunday- Trevor came to church with the clan, we came to young yesterday afternoon. We met with Trevor and had to cancel his date because he smoked... but we gave him a blessing and some things he can do to say no. Ether 4:17 When ye shall receive this record, ye may know that the work of the Father has commenced upon the face of the land. I want to testify the work of that has commenced and the Book of Mormon is a portion of the great work! Love Elder Stevenson

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