Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 Hello hello, Another good week as always, I guess I will just run through like I have been doing- Tuesday- We went to the temple with the Tonto branch temple trip! It was great, then we did service, cleaned up an old man's yard. Went to Gisela and didn't have a ton of time but did have a good LA visit of someone we are helping get back to go to the temple. Then we cruised back to Tonto and had a lesson with Ramon. It was great, we taught the Restoration and it was very good, when we extended a baptism invite asking if when he came to gain a testimony he paused for a minute..... then said "Absolutely!" I would totally do that. It was cool. His wife loved the stuff he told her about the plan of salvation too! Wednesday- We left to Heber pretty early for Zone Training Meeting, it was good. We then went to Young all the way to this morning. Had a visit with Aldo, helped him better understand why the Book of Mormon and Prayer are key. Had a lesson with Trevor and Jay R. we taught about how the Book of Mormon and Bible complement each other and used the Sermon on the mount and The sermon in the America's. Thursday- Knocked some doors, met one family we are excited for! Met a man who turned out to be a member we hadn't met yet and helped him with his garden. Had another lesson with Pat Meredith, it was good, last week she went to her grandson’s mission farewell! We taught her the Restoration and invited her to baptism, she said when I'm ready, then we taught some more and invited her again and she said she will be baptized when she gets a witness of all this! Had another lesson with Trevor, taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, he is on date for the 9th of May! Friday- Tracted for a quite a bit, had a good door step visit with a la who hasn't been for years. Taught Trevor the Word of Wisdom, he hasn't smoked for 2 months, Yippie! Saturday- Had a lesson with a la, Harold, pretty hard hearted but oh well. Met some more members, one took us out and we had a good lesson with a guy we helped who was stranded on the side of the road a while ago. Taught Trevor the 10 commandment and used Elder Ballard’s Mormon message about it. Sunday- Church was good! Trevor came and the people he lives with who are reactivating. Branch council was pretty good but we didn't get to talk about the quorum of the 12 plan like we wanted too. Had another lesson with Pat Meredith, we taught her about temples and it was really neat! Her husband dies a few years ago so we focused in on that. She committed to church next week! She was sick so we gave her a blessing and she was crying. We had dinner with a nonmember couple, one is Jewish and the other is catholic. And their friends, another couple who one claims to not be a member anymore and the other non-denominational. It made for quite the conversation, they asked us to tell them what we belief which was a perfect opportunity to bear testimony, it was mostly centered on the restoration and the spirit was very strong, they asked some questions and we talked about the great apostasy and the last dispensation, it was actually very neat. They wanted a book of Mormon too so that was good. We saw JP, and his family again and blessed the house, there is some evil spirits in there and stuff. Monday- This morning we did a little service and left young, now we are in Payson, tonight we Elder Pyper will go back to Tonto and I will be on exchanges, I get to go to pine for a couple days!! I'm way excited, the missionaries there now are white washing it and since I have served there and am in the same district I get to show him around! Matt 19:26 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. Have a wonderful week, no one told me about anyone they shared the gospel with while out of Rexburg so I'm waiting to hear something! Love, Elder Stevenson

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