Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 13, 2015

April 13 This week was great! Wednesday- We helped clean the church and then the walls unexpectedly took us to get some pizza with them! We tried to see a few people but they didn't answer so we will probably wait for them to come to us (Jerry and Shelby) but we were riding our bike because we are low on miles and we were able to contact a few people. Well we saw a PMF that said not to come back so we went to meet the neighbor and met Ramone (Ray), he was shining his new rims on his new truck. he talked to us quite a bit and said his wife is in the Valley for some help right now, she has depression from a daughter committing suicide about 30 years ago and told us about how he hasn't been able to find the truth, he was raised Catholic, then skipped around a little but agreed to letting us come back Thursday. Thursday- We went to see our neighbors who actually are a less active older couple. They are pretty cool, he is a pro fisherman and used to race MX so we hit off to a great start and he hasn't been to church since he was 18, not to interested in coming back but said we can visit and send the branch presidency over so he's not against it either, they gave us some yummy smoked blue fin too. Then made a quick trip to Scottsdale. Then we had a lesson with the Redd's a LA couple who really need the temple, we read an ensign article Repentance is real. It was good and I think touched them, the member with us was a little overbearing so I hope they don't take offense. We had a good visit though and they committed to trying to come to church, (when they say that they never come..), the presidency will see them this week though. We then had our lesson with Ramone and taught all about the plan of salvation. He had even read the pamphlet we left with him from the day before and said it made him feel happy, we talked about how the Spirit works and he said when I go down to the valley this week to see my wife I am taking this with me because it will make her happy too that she can see her daughter again one day and tell her she loves her... We didn't even get started with the temple yet! Then we saw the Drummonds, a PMF and really want to start teaching him, we gave her a blessing so that was good. Friday- We did service for sister Canady, we weed wacked and raked up things from the trees that look like green caterpillars. Then we went to Gisela with the walls, sadly no one wanted to talk to us or was busy that day but we did manage to have a lesson with a less active family who should have been at church yesterday. We had a dinner that night and it was with the Lyman’s, we got to have a little fun with the boys 10, 8, 4 on the farm, they caught the chicks and we taught them how to skip rocks. Also did weekly planning. Saturday- Because we didn't have time for a lesson with Sister Canady we had a lesson with her about forgiveness, she is so close to the temple if she will forgive and stop smoking. We saw a bunch of people in Deer Creek but not any lessons. Got our weekly planning finished up. Sunday- Church was good, testimony meeting was pretty good, I didn't know what I was going to testify of so it ended up just being a simple testimony on the basics. We always bless the sacrament in the Tonto Branch and it's always neat. We went to stake missionary correlation in Payson, well the Pine ward is also is Payson stake so I got to see my old WML, it was cool to catch up, we got talking and turns out about a year ago one day bro Taft and me and my comp went to the gas station for dinner and got some pizza, 2 other men were sitting down on the other end of the table who were brothers, I got talking to them and we set a return appointment but it fell thru then whenever we went back it didn't work out... Well turns out one of them just barely got baptized and is getting the Priesthood and the other will probably follow suit soon! You never know what kind of influence you have in peoples lives... Later that day we were seeing a potential and since we were in the area we stopped by a la who has been too busy lately so we were thinking about stopping trying her for a while, well we caught her at a good time and got talking about gardening then the church then how the gospel helps families, then how she's been having problems with her teenage daughter (who was blessed but never baptized) then she went and got her daughter and we started talking and she said I want to go on a mission so we told her all about how and that she needed to be a member and the first thing she said was well then I want to get baptized! So we are going back for a lesson! It was neat! Monday- This morning we did some service then we stopped by a part member family, they gave us a referral so we went and contacted Lucile. We had a great lesson! Lucille is probably 85 and was just re-diagnosed with lymphomas cancer so she has to start chemo soon, but we taught her the restoration, cleared up her concerns and had a great visit! She agreed to baptism if her health with permit and she gains a witness. It was great, then we gave her a priesthood blessing and she was crying afterward. It was pretty special. Well I hope you have a wonderful week and look for someone to share the Gospel with! 3 Nephi 12:8 and blessed are all the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Love, Elder Stevenson

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