Friday, March 27, 2015

March 23, 2015

Happy 38th birthday old mother, just kidding! Well it sounds like you are all staying real busy with the wedding, priesthood ordination and what not. Keep Brother Barton in your prayers. Our week was good, I'll try and add detail to make it long. Our mileage limitations are really getting cut as a mission, so on Tuesday we picked a name and then walked around for an hour after that knocking doors, we had a few good contacts and actually met a PM couple and other people who weren't opposed to us coming back. Then we had a lesson with a less active named Scott. He hasn't been to church in a long time and we had a good chat about that and the blessing that the gospel brings, the member we brought really testified of that and how he needs the gospel. We walked/ biked a lot for the afternoon too and got kicked out of 2 RV parks for "soliciting", it was the managers at both so we respected that. We got a new investigator who is a young single mom and could use the gospel, we are going back tomorrow. Wore a green tie. Wednesday was district meeting in Payson, Elder Pyper and I gave a training on Contacting people and asking inspired questions. Then we spent the afternoon in Gisela. We first did service, picked up Pecan for a Potential Investigator and then went out with our BML, Brother Wall (stud) for a lesson to Buck, where we talked about faith and hopefully can start teaching him. And then also with Walter and talked about the temple and families. They actually ad a picture of the Mesa temple in their house and didn't even know it! We then had dinner with a family we are trying to help get to the temple, the Wynns. Then drove the long treacherous drive to Young. Thursday we met our BML, Brother Williams and talked about the branch. He is definitely more of a let's wait type of person. We had a visit with a RC/reactivated couple and it was a good chat. Then we met a few less actives, Brother Connor, the Hardy's. We also saw Jenny and Mike (pmf) and they said they would think about taking the missionary lessons! We went to a community church dinner and were welcomed by the people their! Friday was a lot like Thursday, visiting people wise, but we had a lesson with Trevor and he really wants to be baptized! We didn't set a date with him quite yet because we want him to commit to the gospel first, but he already knows everything from past missionary visits and lessons. The member family Trevor lives with catches wild horses and sells the, cool huh? Well they cut off the horse nuts and eat them so next time we are in young we will have rocky mountain oysters, horse style. My companion isn't to excited about that but he will partake! There was a crazy hail storm and we couldn't see at all on the roads that put a damper on our afternoon. Saturday we had breakfast with some members and then went and helped build the community center! It was pretty cool. We then had a lesson with a widowed lady named Cindy, we taught the plan of salvation and it was good! Sunday was stake conference and it was great! Except the broadcast kept not working and Trevor didn't show up.. I am out of time, have a good week!

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