Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 29, 2014

Hello hello! I'm sorry I don't have time to read and reply to you emails family, but I printed it off and will read it later tonight. This week has been transfer week and today is our P-day and it went way to fast. We picked up a new truck right off the lot with like 2 miles on it and I got to drive it, then we did a helped and bunch of other stuff so anyways I only have a few minutes to email. Here is a quick recap: We had a ward party, chili cook off and trunk or treat; the Armstrong family came and won so that was really cool! Speaking of the Armstrong family Mary is still all set for her baptism on Saturday. We heard today from the secretary in the ward they lost bro Armstrong’s records and are trying to find them before Saturday... Hope they do! Another investigators mom just got married in SLC temple so we went to the reception at another church building in the stake and supported them and her and helped clean up afterward. It was really good! They are coming along. He has a Muslim background so any help would be great. Another super good lesson with a boyfriend in a part member family, he is native and doesn't have any background with any religion so we just went over the godhead and Heavenly Fathers plan for us and a little bit with families, it was neat! He is trying so I really hope his answer comes. We are starting to work with the church next door in service projects and things, it is a Scientology church, we went to their little "open house" (their church is sooo false and wicked by the way- foolishness of men, cunning and crafty ways of the devil) anyways they came to our chili cook off and it was cool to start building a relationship with them. Have a good week! Hope this letter makes sense, I didn't proof read it. Love Elder Stevenson

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