Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

This last week was great! Heavenly Father really blessed our area, last Sunday we counted up the time we had spent in other area's due to exchanges, planning meetings, meetings, helping other missionaries, and what not for the week, it was 50 hours (way more than a typical week), that's 2 whole days but this last week we had more member present lessons then I have seen in a long time and more than my comp has seen in this area in a long while so God definitely "repaid" us well. On Sunday me and my companion both bore our testimonies, unplanned we both talked about God's love for his children. He read a poem and I talked about about Alma 26. The Phoenix temple open house started on Friday and lucky for us we were the first ones there on Saturday with a less active family who is returning. It was beautiful. We had ZTM on Tuesday (Zone Training Meeting) it sure was different than before, but it went super well! Here is an update on some people we have been working with: Mary and dad and Andrea: Andrea just stopped coming to our appointments but brother Armstrong and Mary were both at church and we hope to go to the open house with them this week! We taught the word of wisdom and the biggest hold up was eating meat sparingly so that was pretty awesome! (Especially for having parents who don't set a good example) Last week I may have mentioned a family from Africa?... Well the dads name is Erick and the moms name is Lucy (I wonder what their real names are...) and they have 2 little kids, a one year old and a 1 month old and yesterday they came to church!! They loved it and want to come back again next week. Our main goal for them is to help them understand the temple; why they need to get there so they can be sealed and be a forever family. We started teaching a father in a (PMF) part member family, he is at church every week but isn't a member and just like the African family we want them to be sealed, so tomorrow we are going to the open house with them! In our lesson yesterday we talked about the god head and about how the gospel blesses families. We had a good lesson with Nicole, she is on date for the 15th of next month. 2 good lessons with her last week, well much more has happened but I am out of time. I love you, have a great week! Sorry I don’t have time for a scripture :( But I am grateful for yours mom and dad! Love Elder Stevenson

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