Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

Lots has happened! To start yesterday was transfers, I am staying in Phoenix, and the Osborn ward now has 6 full time missionaries! There were the 4 of us elders, Elder Stockdale went home to Idaho (saddest day ever..) and Elder Hinds moved to the south half of the ward to be with Elder Russell. We also got sister missionaries who are going to work the east half of the ward and do a lot of RC/LA work. I got a brand new missionary, training again, his name is Elder Ashcraft. He is from Hamer, Idaho, it’s a town of like 12 people that's 15 min north of mud lake. He got a green dinner last night; it was pretty funny- green milk, green rice, green enchiladas. I just found out (like 2 minutes ago) that Karen (the Boyd family from mesa from last summer) just moved to Phoenix, she is in the stake in the ward next door!!! I am super excited, I hope I can see her and hope she is preparing to go to the temple when she hits her year mark and I can go with her!!! Last week Ann was going to be baptized, she woke up on her baptism day really sick so we had to postpone it until this weekend. Friday me and elder hinds were pretty sad about it and right before we went home the sky lit up, crackled and started pouring buckets of rain. It was the best bike ride of my mission we got all of our stress out on the way home and felt much better about all of it. It will be cool that Elder Ashcraft will see a baptism his first week out! Victor came to church on Sunday, after church he met with someone in the bishopric I guess he is struggling financially and needed help, they didn't feel prompted to give him the money he asked for and we talked to him over the phone a little about it... I hope it doesn't turn him against the church but if so he was interested for the wrong reasons. He was super solid so we are going to try and see him again now that he has had a couple days to cool off. One neat thing that happened the other day was a lightning storm. There was just lightning strike after strike, we watched it for a little while and it made me think of the lightning that must have happened in 3 Nephi 8 when Christ was crucified... All things typify of Christ! I did a baptism interview last night for the first time, it was super cool! I am about out of time; I hope you have a wonderful week! My scripture for the week is this: In the 19th chapter of 2nd Nephi the words “but his hand is stretched out still." is written 3 times throughout the chapter. It is talking about how it is not too late for any of to turn around and come back to the gospel, to repent; his hand is still there he love is still there. As a side note something I just learned is that in Hebrew something repeated 3 times is very significant! It is a very significant thing, anyways, talk to you Monday! Love Elder Stevenson

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