Monday, August 18, 2014

August 11, 2014

Ann finally got baptized! It was on Saturday night, I gave a talk about 'baptism' I used the kit-kat idea mom sent me a while back. It was really good, not very much member support at the baptism which was lame but am grateful for the converted ones who help us so much. There was a really good turnout of nonmembers though! Saturday morning we went 'service tracting' where we go out in normal clothes and try and help people, we ended up at the Layton’s, they are the family we have lunch with every Sunday. She is active, he is X'd. We helped them quite a bit and then invited them to the baptism and surprisingly he came! He also came to our fireside on Monday night! That’s twice in a church in a week; I don't think he's been in a church for several years. On Saturday morning we went through the phone and texted and invited all sorts of people we know and also people we didn't know but there name was in the phone. One person named Pierre called us back and said “I want to go”, which was cool so we got him and his wife a ride all lined up ride and they loved the baptism! It was really cool, afterward I was talking with him a little and he said maybe this will be me one day! Sadly they live outside the ward boundaries (in the Phoenix mission)... But because they are from Africa and speak French, and we have a French speaking missionary in our stake we might be able to work with them! If not maybe one day in the spirit world we will meet and talk again, maybe something as simple as a text changed his life. A cool few 'fruits of my labors" have happened recently- One day me and elder hinds had an appointment fall through so we knocked a few of the neighboring doors, one family was Spanish speaking but we were able to get enough Spanglish across to understand each other and set up an appointment for the Spanish missionaries to come back and teach, I think the family of at least 3 (that's how many we saw in the door) just got baptized or will be getting baptized! The other cool thing is we found out a part member family who moved to Mesa we were teaching also just got baptized! We never know how much our actions might affect someone else! We met a part member family this week, they are older, he was endowed and then X'd, re baptized, and remarried. So we hope to help him get the priesthood back and also help her to join the church! They are going on a trip for 2 weeks but after that we will start teaching them. Elder Ashcraft is still kinda in the shock stage, he never really left Hamer except rarely to go to I.F. and shop and I think like twice outside of Idaho so Phoenix is a big change! These computers are still full of problems or my letter would be longer, have a good week! Instead of a scripture, check out this video! Love, Elder Stevenson

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