Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

The computer just erased my email so I will write what I can. This week was another really good week. More miracles! You were on roller coasters this last week, while being a missionary is that same way every day! Here is an update on some of the people we have been working with: The ward, we started our FHE missionary training's at the church every Monday night last Monday night. It went really well. We focused around the 7 lessons of sharing the gospel by Clayton Christensen, I will send it home. I talked about how we can't predict who is or isn't ready for the gospel. Something it sounds like some of you also learned firsthand this week! It was great, every week we have a few families in the ward signed up to come and tonight I think there is 6 families’ coming, it should go good again. One of the important things that I have mentioned before is when we invite, we succeed. Dad, that is awesome you were able to give out a book of Mormon, and everyone else who tried, good job as well! One of the 7 steps! We had some really good lessons this week with Victor; he accepted the law of chastity and the word of wisdom with no problem! We also talked about prophets this week and showed him scriptures out of the bible we got him. When we gave him the bible he held it up and kissed it! It was funny! We had planned to teach him thru the weekend and have his baptismal interview, but he unexpectedly went out of town so his baptism will be pushed back a week. He is really excited though! Ann had her interview planned for Saturday and on her way out the door her son Kegan threw a tantrum and wouldn't leave to go to the church for her interview... It was chaos, but luckily yesterday evening Kegan was staying with someone and she could come and have her interview. She passed!! She is ready to covenant and live the gospel! I am excited for this weekend. A really cool thing happened we were going to Julies to have a 'recent convert' lesson with her and the member we invited to have come and be our 3rd male got sick and couldn't make it and her husband wasn't there so she went to the next door neighbors and asked if he could come over and help so we could go in and he ended sitting in on the lesson and it was really cool!! People need to be needed- another one of the 7 steps! So we talked and he said we could meet again Friday and when we went back he wasn't home.. But we still had a good lesson with Julie- She needed help preparing a talk on baptism! Her nephew was baptized in another stake on Saturday! Her mom and another nephew were baptized a couple weeks ago. She also mentioned her brother has been looking into the church recently; it's amazing the whole family is finding the truth! Hopefully Everett isn't too far away. I wish I could share more, thanks for the socks!! Thanks for your letters sorry I couldn't write you each back. Love Elder Stevenson

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