Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7, 2014

This week was good, on Saturday we had Julie's baptism! Throughout the week we went and saw her lots, she doing awesome! She is already a better member missionary then most of the members. One day we were there and after we left the member who we had brought said "that's not a baptism, that's a conversion", it was really cool. Another day we were with her talking about repentance and she asked about if it was ok to take diapers from Walmart for her kids and we explained it out to her, she broke down and it was really neat to have her promise to not doing it anymore and repent. Also one day we watched finding faith in Christ and Everett watched, then we were able to actually talk religion, he said he has a faith and used to go to church until he was divorced, then he said he's not ready now but he will be 'sometime' so that is a good sign! Elder Hinds baptized her; it was his first one so that was really cool! I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, used my Holy Ghost box of course and it went really, really well! There was a lot of family and friends at the baptism so that was awesome for them to go in a Mormon church see a baptism and hopefully have been touched by the spirit! This week we had a Ha-boob! It was really cool, at first the clouds were brown in the distance then they got really cool looking and all the sudden dust was flying and stuff was in the air. We were locked in the church since we’re not supposed to drive the power was going in and out. The best part was the rain storm after, rain felt so good! There was a really cool lightning storm so Elder Hinds and I decided to plan on the top of the parking garage and enjoy the storm! This morning we and hiked camelback mountain as a zone, that was fun, except getting up super early to beat the sun! There is a French lady we were able to teach a lesson to this week and a French speaking missionary just got sent here from temple square so it shouldn't be too hard, the bad part was not knowing anything about the conversation, next time should be better. I broke my bike trying to show off! I was going to ride the street and put my front tire on the side walk but it screwed up my gears! At least now I can have some fun trying to fix it. Have a good week, I am out of time! Love, Elder Stevenson

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