Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

This week was a good week. On Thursday (we have been going on visits with the aux groups) and we went and saw Gwen and her mom molly and were visiting with molly mostly and talking about faith and hope and then somehow i got talking to Gwen and was just kidding with her (cause she always gets into a shell when baptism is mentioned) and said did you decide when you’re going to get baptized yet? And she likes yes I did, May 3rd! And we were all in shock, even her mom and I guess all the prayers have been working on her and she is finally ready and I am really excited! Then on Saturday we had a lesson with Gwen on the word of wisdom and it was food but it was kind of sad when she said she would follow it and that she would be an example for her mom and wanted to throw all her coffee and tea away.. Parents are supposed to be the example. We have still been seeing the grandparents, we were just talking to his grandpa one day and he really opened up to us and confessed his whole life and all the crazy stories and it was neat. They did enjoy church and were out of town yesterday and going to be for a while but hopefully can watch conference with them and get them back to church. We had zone conference and it was really cool I learned a lot about of different things about the atonement I hadn’t heard before. We did some service for a guy named Jim again and he said we can teach him so tonight we will be doing a lesson with him! Split some wood one morning, that’s always fun. We were visiting the bishop one day, his daughter was over who's LA and was offended when she was in her youth and pretty anti church but they said we could come visit after some hesitation and finally on Friday we got to go see them, her husband/boyfriend just lost a daughter and we were able to talk about the plan of salvation with them. It went really well and they said we can come back Tuesday for another lesson and steak! Steak must mean they like us right? We are going to teach the restoration now, did thing a little backwards but it’s what they needed. D&C58:42-43 Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more. By this ye may know that if a man repenteth of his sins- behold, he will CONFESS them and FORSAKE them. I really like those last two words that we admit what we've done and we stop doing it. It’s like when we were growing up and mom would say when you say sorry your saying you’re not going to do it again. Well it’s the same way with repentance. Have a great week family, I love you. Elder Stevenson

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