Monday, April 7, 2014

March 31, 2014

Well I don’t even know where to start my letter this week. So much has happened! I'll tell you want I remember from last week but I just got a new planner so I don't remember some of it. But we had a lesson with Jim and Kathy Cotney (the brother of the members we are living with). We went over the restoration and it was good. We got a little deep into some things but it was actually a good thing because it was things that they had questions about so we were helping answer them. Then the Monday a couple days ago we saw them again and taught the plan of salvation, it also went very well. They are pretty quiet and reserved people so they are reluctant to come to church but they did agree to watch conference with us this week at our members house! And they have been reading the Book of Mormon! Yay!! We also found a new investigator whose name is john, he has got a big Santa beard and I’m trying to figure if he's crazy or what but he's a nice guy and was a referral from a less active- Steve we have also been working with so it has been great to work with both of them at the same time and hopefully can bring both of them in together and in a sense kill 2 birds with one stone. We went over the restoration with John and everything just clicked and made sense. It was awesome and he has been reading the Book of Mormon with Steve and then yesterday saw John again and talked about the plan of salvation. It still always amazed me people go so far in their life and have no idea where they came from, why we are here, or what the hereafter holds. I enjoy seeing people enlightened :) it gives a little hope and joy for the things to come. We saw Jerry and Michelle and talked about the restoration with them. It went alright, it wasn't as good as when we talked about the plan of salvation but hopefully we can go back and teach them again, (they said they were a little busy and didn't know there schedule yet) I hate when people say that! But the things we have been talking to them about are things that have been touching them we can tell. On Thursday I think it was one of the best days so far of being a missionary. The missionary department came down from SLC and visited us and there is what is called MLC for all the zone leaders and somehow I got invited to go to it with a few other missionaries who usually don’t go cause there was visitors and it was amazing. A man named bro Hemingway (head of missionary Proselyting) and brother Ware (head of missionary planning) and in the morning President Sweeny taught us and that was really good. Then Brother Hemingway opened up by letting us ask any questions we wanted to about missionary work and I learned so much and he knew right where to turn in PMG and the scriptures for every answer. We were taught about teaching simply, as CJ calls it, KISS- keep it simple stupid, or keep it short & sweet. And also coming to realize how important the quality of planning every night is. Many other cool things learned but I won’t go into too much details. Well I could just keep writing and writing but I’m about out of time so I hope you have a greet week! Don't forget, Share the gospel! It's the most important thing we have! Isaiah 63:3 I have trodden the winepress alone... Christ was completely alone as he suffered for us in all things. We know that, he was alone so we don't have to be. Love, Elder Stevenson

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