Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 10, 2014

On Tuesday we got to go to the temple in snowflake, it was awesome! I think one of the best things about the temple is the peace that is there and the spirit that is there and how if you go with a question and an open your heart the spirit help you get that answer. I definitely got an answer to a mine :) We got there early and were able to do an endowment session and baptisms which is rare, usually just endowments. It was lots of fun and it was cool to baptize and be a confirmer, I haven't done either of those in the temple before. We had a lesson with Chris and taught her the restoration. It went really well. Elder Judd took the lead in teaching and he is doing great! It was kinda weird to sit back and relax and let him take the reins. We have started doing auxiliary visits where one night a week we go out and go see someone with a member of the bishopric, HP, elders, RS, etc. and it was good, I think they will continue to be and also help built unity in the ward. I hope you’re ready for some bad news. Levi who has been living with the Waldrops (member family) who works for the county and lives in a county owned house, the county said since he isn’t family he can't live there anymore, and so on Friday morning he moved to Winslow which is north 50 miles and out of the mission and our area :( It is covered by the Farmington mission so maybe Logan Anderson will get to finish teaching him! He's in a temporary home for about a week and hopefully he can find a stable place to live and a job and most of all the missionaries will be able to get in contact with him and he will be taken care of. On a better note! Yesterday at church a man named frank, and his daughter came to church with a ward member! He wants to change his life around and find Christ; well he sure did come to the right place!!! He said we can start teaching him soon but not quite yet because his girlfriend is less active and he needs to warm up a little more then we can teach him but he enjoyed church and wants to come back!! We have been visiting a little with a nonmember who has had a lot of trials and a rough life, she said we can talk about how families can be together forever and we are going over tomorrow! D&C43:11 Purge ye out of iniquity which is among you; sanctify yourselves before me. This is short verse but something all of us need to do and keep doing. Have a wonderful week family! Love Elder Stevenson

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