Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013

This week was good yesterday we had a miracle happen at church. I think I mentioned Izzy before? well he stopped keeping appointments and commitments with us and so it was kind of we just saw him when we saw him then Saturday he was driving and we were on our bikes and stopped for a sec and he said he’d come to church Sunday so Sunday morning we went and reminded him and then church rolled around and he wasn't there. And about 10 min in before the sac song started he came in and sat by us and stayed for sacrament and fast and testimony meeting. then after sacrament he didn't want to stand up we sat for 40 minutes there with him and he said he could see a glow around each person as they bore there testimony and he felt at peace and it felt like home even though he’d never been here before and it was awesome. so we had a little lesson with him right there in the chapel and talked about the spirit he was feeling and telling him it was true and that was what was speaking to him then he said randomly I think I want to be baptized. Those are the best words a missionary can hear! And the ward was very welcoming and friendly to him and introduced themselves to him and some people invited him over for dinner in the week :) 

As for Anthony we haven't been able to contact him at all he’s never home and won’t answer his phone... but did I tell you about Isaac? its Aishas (she was baptized right before I got here) son he’s almost 9 and at first he didn’t want anything to do with us or go to church or anything but now he loves it and we’ve been having lessons with Aisha and visiting her and he started sitting in on them and now we are having lessons for her and lessons for him on another night and he said he wants to be baptized! The lord has blessed us this week.

We visited a lot of less actives this week I was telling you about that last week I think? And trying to get them back to church so far it’s going good we had one family there Sunday that only comes sometimes. What I can’t understand is there’s some LA's in the ward that are RMs and a couple have lost their testimony completely and smoke and drink now and don’t believe Joseph Smith was a prophet anymore. I guess that shows Satan will work on anyone and everyone so you can never let your guard down and always remember to do the little things.

Have a good week! 

Love elder Stevenson



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