Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

     Today as a zone we woke up super early and went hiking a mountain (mountains are tiny here) called camelback and started hiking at like 6 and I think it was like 1-2 miles pretty straight up. And we got to the top just in time to look at the sunrise it was pretty fun and I’ll try and send you pictures. Then everyone came over to our house and we cooked breakfast.

     Instead of having 2 missionaries we got a new one last night, Elder Dunn. So now there are 3 his companion got transferred to Scottsdale cause a missionary had extended and went home and so now there are 3 of us for the next 2 weeks before transfers. On Friday night we met with Isaac again and set a baptismal date! For November 23 so a couple weeks down the road. He's definitely ready he loves coming to church and learning about the gospel. we had a referral and went to the address and it turns out he was a half block out of the ward but we still taught him the first lesson and it was awesome he had lots of questions and know the bible well and is open to new things and is golden but since he was out of our area we had to pass him along.. but now that we have elder duns area assigned/mixed with ours he’s in that area so I can still see him for the rest of this transfer so that's pretty cool and a blessing! as for Izzy we try and see him as often as we can but he didn't come to church this week cause he broke his hand and is drugged up to try and help the pain and sleeping a lot and so that makes it difficult for us cause we would like to teach him in a members home buts he’s really hit and miss so scheduling is a pain. I think I mentioned the Harris family's name before they're a less active family in the ward with a lot of problems but this week we went over a couple nights and it’s really going well. before it was always fight ,fight, fight and then one night they were watching a movie as A FAMILY and another night we ate dinner there as a FAMILY it was awesome!! And everyone was happy and getting along. we got to meet with Zach again, it’s been a few week which stinks but our lesson went really well and he's remembering what he's being taught. But he has to come to church but I think he will be here this week he was going to come last week but he didn't have clothes that fit when they were looking Sunday morning so his dad said they'd buy some. Then after the lesson we had Zach and josh (father and son) in the church! We played basketball with a few members in the ward and it was awesome to get them inside and see it’s not that bad and people are happy to see you and want to see you here at church. We helped build a chicken coop one day that was pretty fun. we got to go to the visitor center one day this week to it was really nice I love the visitor center here it’s awesome! I just wish we could go to the temple more often because it’s even better. Well I hope you have a wonderful week and keep up the missionary work!

Love Ya, 

Elder Stevenson





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