Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

This week was interesting since we have been in the tri-companionship it has been hard to focus on our area since half the week was spent in another ward. Tomorrow is actually the last day with elder Dunn he is getting put with another elder until transfers. So this week I and elder Armatage will be able to focus on our area. I am so excited for Isaac to be baptized this weekend! I know I've already been blessed and seen people be baptized but with Isaac I've been able to see him from the very start and with others I haven't, tonight we are actually going to the visitor center with him and that will be fun. David and Daniel got the priesthood on Sunday! It was awesome I was privileged to be the voice for Daniel and it was really cool. And this Wednesday we are going to the temple with them and their mother (Karen) to do baptisms for the dead! I guess as missionaries there are rules about missionaries performing the baptism in the temple which I don't get or something but we can go and at least watch and I think be a witness or hopefully confirm and stuff. On Saturday we chocked down a forest in a ladies back yard and there was a huge tree like 40 feet tall and 3 feet wide and the guy cutting it down let me run the chainsaw and it was a huge chainsaw-like 36 inches long and it was really cool. and we cleaned a shed that had old-old stuff in it and I found a really old book of Mormon in it and it’s got pictures and stuff and she said I could keep it but its falling apart a little. We had a training meeting and a guest speaker at it his name was Brother Ough. and it was reallllly good he talked about recognizing the spirit and he talked a lot about humility and being dignified I learned so much and either 12 with the light and barges and all that. One of the things I really liked is how humble he is. He's a multimillionaire but no one would know if they didn't see his house for example he drove a Nissan frontier and it really just showed it doesn't matter if you’re rich, poor, famous, or homeless whatever we need to give all the glory to God because without him we are nothing. Just like in Alma 26 with the story of Ammon. We had a really good lesson with Zach, and at the end of the lesson Josh (his dad, LA for long time) said yes when he was asked to give the closing prayer! And his son always asks him but this is the first time he said yes and he gave a really good prayer. Zach is basically ready for baptism he just needs to come to church and the only way he's going to come is if his dad will come, that's why we've been playing basketball. Now that he's been in the church a few times hopefully soon prayers will be answered and he will decide to come and attend sacrament. I don't get what's so hard about it! One night this week at dinner we had avocado ice cream it was really weird but it was pretty good actually. It had lime and stuff to make it better. I have actually started like guacamole since I've been here I think the Arizona people just know how to make it better and that's why it doesn't taste bad. Well I’m out of time and next week p day will be on Wednesday since transfers just so you know when to expect a letter.
Love you all,
Elder Stevenson

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