Friday, January 23, 2015

January 21, 2015

Hello hello, I got a new companion yesterday, his name is Elder Swaner. He is from Utah and I am excited for this transfer! We have a lot of work and people to teach so it should be good. This last week has been good as well, we had 8 investigators at church and they are coming along nicely. Our Micronesian family was there, Erick, Kenna, Ben and another family member who just flew in from Hawaii Frazilynn. Sadly Frazilynn got pretty sick during sacrament meeting so the family left after sacrament, except Erick, he stayed for all 3 and is very excited about Feb 7th! I am too. On Friday it was Kenna's birthday, I made a cake and it turned out almost as good as yours mom. It was a devil’s food cake it cooked it in to 9 inch pans and then frosted it into a double decker with frosting in the middle and threw some chocolate chips in the batter it was good! Taylor if you were here I would make one for you. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ, watched Lamb of God, and read the Book of Mormon with them. (They were different lessons) We went to the visitor center with Nicole. She didn't come to church Sunday so I think we are about as far as we can get with her before she comes to church.. Sad. Kyle is doing well, we have taught him all about baptism and also a little of the plan of salvation. He is inching along as usual but making progress. Do you know any good talks or anything that show how as members we can still have our culture and celebrations, just within gospel teachings? We started back up with a few formers- Sara and Craig were a younger couple right when I got here and also the Estrada family, we will see where it takes us. We've had a few other good things too. It was sad news to hear about Grandpa but I am grateful for the plan of salvation and that this life is just a stopping place along the way for us and as long as we follow gods plan we can return to and live with him forever! Watch this video... It’s better than my letter and only a couple minutes. Have a great week, I love you all! Elder Stevenson

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