Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

I don't even know where to begin. This week was pretty crazy. A little more about my comp, he is from Layton Utah, he is also 18. He's been out 3 months. My new companion is great! He has a good work ethic. This week we put 2 people on date for baptism, for June 14th. One is Sister Gonzales. She is married to a LA member. They have been alcoholics and called us for a blessing. We challenged them to go 2 days until we could see them again to not have a drink and they accepted! We went back on Saturday and had a great lesson and they gave us there coffee pot and a huge thing of coffee. They are definitely going through with drawl but it’s going good. The next and last thing with be cigarettes, it will be the hardest but something she is ready for and needs to do. The other is Anne. Anne was a referral from the Easter Pageant; she is super prepared and is going soaking the gospel right up. We also are working with a lady named Julie, she has 2 little kids, and she really wants to be baptized but knows she has to be married first. We are going to try and get her married so it can happen. There is lots of people to talk too so we pass out tons of cards, book of Mormons, pictures of Jesus and find lots of people that live outside our area or are Spanish for other missionaries. Lots of other stuff but I am out of time, this computer was having problems at first. Have a great week. Love Elder Stevenson

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