Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28, 2014

April 28 Sorry this letter is so late, I'm not sure what time it is there, but it is after 6 here. Today we went on a hike to a place called fossil springs. We went with a convert couple and they are almost 60... Not thinking too much about that we started hiking and hiked 5 miles all downhill to the Garden of Eden, it was beautiful, the worst part was not being able to swim in the blue green clear water, but I'll be back in a few years. Well we started hiking out, the 5 miles up hill. Me and my comp were good but they were out of energy. They hiked so slow, I carried 2 backpacks and then for about 2 miles the lady with us got cramps all up her legs and it was awful. But anyways it was lots of fun! I would send pics but don't have a SD card reader. This week, was a great week, a few of the high lights: A loved ward member passed away, he got cancer and the chemo is what got him, within a month. It was a sad deal, but there was some good that came out of the whole thing. His daughter is a LA that hasn't wanted anything to do with the church and now her heart has been softened and hopefully it will be a key for reactivation. Also at the funeral a lot of people that are not members came and a lot are ones we have been able to work with in the past and are working with. It was great to see them in the chapel and that it’s not too scary. One of the people who spoke did a really good job and turned it into a missionary experience by sharing the plan of salvation. He did a great job and taught very simply while letting the spirit testify. Another thing is members here are stepping up; they are inviting people to have dinner with them and with us which is perfect! One of my favorites was when we had dinner on Friday with the Phillips they invited some friends over that they have been working with- Jim and Donna. The Phillips took them to the temple open house) and there kids joined the church about a year ago so they are getting a little more familiar with the church. They said they would think about listening to the lessons when we asked (polite no) but after we left the spirit left with us which made them wonder what the presence was that was with us so the family explained to them and it was cool! Many other miracles but I have to go, I love you, and next week I will write more! Love, Elder Stevenson

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