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January 6, 2013

Well the last week and half was good, not as busy as the one before but still good. This week was transfers; I still am in pine and still with elder Oakley. On Sunday we had a ward fireside, since it was fast Sunday the ward fasted for Missionary work and then after church we had a break the fast potluck/ fireside. We actually had really good attendance and more people came then we thought. We kept the fireside short, around a half hour, my companion showed some short missionary video clips that were good, I talked about how to be a member missionary cause there's lots of people that don't know how and mostly just focused on being a light, being an example and people will wonder what’s so special about you and want to know why your happy. I didn't have any time to prepare (Fri/sat were super busy, Sunday had church meetings all day) but I just kind of spoke on what came to mind and followed the spirit and it went well. I can’t remember if I told you but we had a lesson with Gwen and she agreed to be baptized on the 18th of this month! Her mom (she doesn't live with but sees often) who isn't quite all there in the head is being a pain, so I really really hope she doesn't try and talk her daughter out of it cause on day she nice and all for it and the next complete opposite. On the bright side Gwen lives with her dad and grandparents and is with them most of the time and they have a positive influence on her life. We had dinner with a part member family one night this week and we've been over to visit a couple times but the dad will always stay in the other room and not want to visit but then when we had dinner he ate with us and it was delicious, but even better he stayed and visited and we got to know him! We didn't really force religion to much because it was our first time visiting with him and we heard previously not to force the gospel but it went really well and he said he would invite us back over and we could help him with some stuff around the house! I think he's just putting up a wall because he doesn't want to be a softie but well break it down ;)  Remember a while back the day I talked about Amanda the handicap deaf girl the ASL missionaries came up and taught? Well on Sunday during fast and testimony meeting Linda, the mom, recent convert, got up and bore her testimony and when she started talking Amanda ran up on the stage and started hugging her mom the whole time during it and it was so cool, the spirit was so strong! Mary and Rodger have been sick this week so we haven't been able to meet with them but we plan on having a lesson with them tomorrow since they should be better. A less active family came to church on Sunday and it was awesome! After working with them and getting to know them they came on just the right day, the testimony's were just what they needed to hear and had a positive effect on them, now we have to see if they will act on it. One thing I've started to notice lately and it’s always been there I just haven't noticed it so much as now, but if we don't make religious things number 1 on our list it won’t take long for it not to be on our list. If we put one thing in front of church on Sunday or sleeping in instead of reading our scriptures once, if we don't correct ourselves soon it will get pushed back a little further and further until the gospel is out of our lives. So I guess I should say thanks to you mom and dad for making me read scriptures in the morning on the days we were running late and it was going to make me late to school. Last week I forgot to tell you but I finished the Book of Mormon! And I do know that it is true, that it was written by prophets for us, this day in age so that we can stand strong and firm and not become a fallen people like the people in the book. I invite my family and those of you reading this letter to make a commitment to the lord and to yourself of how much you’re going to read by the next time we Skype and I'm going to follow up with ya and you better believe it! :)  My goal now is to read the Doctrine Covenants by the next time we talk and you can hold me to it. 

Well I hope to hear from ya, love ya,

Elder Stevenson  






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