Friday, January 24, 2014

January 19, 2014

Well!... This week had its ups and downs, as for Gwen we had a lesson with her Tuesday with the crafts and hands on stuff and it went really well. She really paid attention and participated and it went well but she still said I don’t feel old enough to be baptized. then on Saturday we had a lesson at her mom’s house hoping if her mom had a positive attitude about everything then she would see the positive side of having the holy ghost and her mom helped us a little and the member we brought also helped  a lot but she just shuts down every time she hears that word and the family has really pushed her to do it but I guess she feels like she’s cornered into it and we have probably been bringing it up to much anyways so we are just going to continue to meet with her and until she brings it up we won’t, we'll just take things slow and hopefully when we or the other missionaries have a baptism next time she will be able to come and watch and see its really easy, no bad is going to come of it, and especially be able to feel the spirit and feel that she needs to do it. 

We had a lesson with Mary and Rodger this week again. We talked for a while about non church stuff just to kind of see how they were doing and how their kids/ families have been and stuff which was good cause I think it goes back to "showing and letting them know how much you care, before they care how much you know" so we talked for a while and my companion was in a hurry to leave cause he felt like we'd been there to long so the lesson ended up being rushed but we talked about the plan of salvation and the stuff we did cover was good cause they didn’t agree with their own church's beliefs on what happened after death and the stuff and it was cool to see the understanding take place in their mind and things just click! Like children that don’t get baptized and work for the dead and another chance for people that didn’t have the opportunity to hear about the gospel and it was awesome! And we have a temple (gilbert) that has just been built and the open house tours are going on and we invited them to come with us and a bunch of other people and it will be awesome when they can walk thru a temple and feel the happy peacefulness in it :) random side note... sometimes I feel like a hippie always talking about peace, love, happiness... but that’s what the gospel is really all about!! 

Sky and Katelynn are still planning on being baptized on Feb 15! We are filling out the baptismal form today and going to give it to the girls to take to their mom when they get to see her next and have her sign it so the permission is authorized. Last night we went over a few of the commandment and the reasons of the commandments and blessings from them. It really is amazing what happens when we keep all the commandments (easy as a missionary ha-ha) but in our everyday life and every "rule" out there is to help us not to hurt us or hold us back. Well, have a fantastic week and share the gospel!!


Elder Stevenson 






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